Why You Still Need Sunscreen in Winter, According to a Dermatologist – E! Online

    Why You Still Need Sunscreen in Winter, According to a Dermatologist – E! Online

    According to Dr. Farhang, for the hands, neck, and anywhere that’s actual skin, you can absolutely use the sunscreen that you use for your face. Personally, she stated that she reserves a “really expensive sunscreen that I like — the Revision one” for only her face. For her hands, neck, and chest, Dr. Farhang stated that she will “use a less expensive one that’s still well-tolerated… but a little bit more affordable.”

    For body sunscreen recommendations, Dr. Farhang pointed out that “EltaMD has some good ones that are really affordable” (such as the regular body sunscreen and the sports body sunscreen). The key is to use a non-tinted one for these parts of your body to avoid staining your steering wheel, shirt collar, and more.

    However, Dr. Farhang does recommend using a lip-specific SPF product rather than just applying your face or body sunscreen. She listed some of her favorite brands that have lip sunscreen products, including EltaMD, Colorescience, and Aquaphor. In particular, if your winter plans include hitting the slopes, Dr. Farhang strongly recommends that you wear an SPF lip balm to protect your lips from the harsh reflection from the snow.

    Finally, Dr. Farhang noted that you can usually use your regular SPF face cream on around your eyelids. Something to keep in mind, though, is if you have irritated or sensitive eyes, it may be helpful to stick with a physical rather than chemical sunscreen. According to Dr. Farhang, “A mineral sunscreen (e.g., zinc or titanium) is safer around the eyes versus a chemical sunscren like avobenzene or oxybenzone.”

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