WhatsApp Beta for iOS Teases New Telegram-Like ‘Channels’ Feature

WhatsApp Beta for iOS Teases New Telegram-Like ‘Channels’ Feature

WhatsApp is set to launch a new feature on its platform called “Channels” that will allow users to receive news and updates from people they choose to follow, Wabetainfo reports. 

The new feature is expected to be included in a future app update.

WhatsApp’s ‘Channels’ Feature Coming to iOS

The report tells us that WhatsApp has just released a new update via the TestFlight beta program, bringing the current version to The new feature will be available soon for iOS users, revealing that the company is working on channels (first reported as Newsletter), a new one-to-many information broadcasting tool.

In an earlier Android update, the company announced the development of channels. However, the most recent beta update for iOS has revealed more details about the feature.

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According to the update, WhatsApp intends to rename the Status tab to “Updates,” as channels will be listed in this section of the app as well.

A Look at WhatsApp Channels

A WhatsApp Channel is a private tool in which phone numbers and user information are always kept private. On the other hand, messages received within a channel are not end-to-end encrypted because the concept of one-to-many makes little sense for channels. 

However, it is important to note that channels have no effect on the end-to-end encryption of private messaging, which remains end-to-end encrypted.

The channels feature will be an optional extension of private messaging rather than a transition to a public social network. This means that users will always have control over which channels they subscribe to, and no one else can see who they follow, whether they have added them as contacts or not. 

Furthermore, people will not be automatically subscribed to channels, and there will be no algorithmic recommendations or social graphs pushing content to users who did not choose to see it.

The channels feature will also support handles, allowing users to find a specific WhatsApp channel by simply typing its username into WhatsApp. This feature is intended to improve channel accessibility, making it easier for users to receive updates that they prefer.

This new feature is similar to Telegram channels, which broadcast public messages to large audiences. Telegram’s feature allows you to reach people directly by sending a notification to their phones with each post. Telegram Channels can have unlimited subscribers, but only admins can post.

Release Date TBA

While channels are being developed, it is unknown when they will be released. WhatsApp has stated that it will keep users updated by publishing an additional article on its website when more information becomes available.

The new channels feature is expected to be a significant addition to the app, allowing users to have a more personalized experience and receive updates from their preferred sources. 

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