Unwanted Amazon Packages Flooded Woman’s Doorstep in Canada; UPS Still Charging Her Customs Fees

Unwanted Amazon Packages Flooded Woman’s Doorstep in Canada; UPS Still Charging Her Customs Fees

In Canada’s British Columbia, a woman has found herself possessing more than 50 Amazon packages that she has never ordered. This situation has led the United Parcel Service (UPS) to send her customs bills for over $300. 

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Anca Nitu says she’s received more than 50 packages of returned shoes at her home in two months, with each box containing a return authorization slip to her address.

Receiving Unwanted Amazon Packages

An unusual situation has unfolded for a woman who finds herself entangled with a stream of more than 50 unrequested Amazon packages in British Colombia, Canada. 

According to The Verge, this takes a financial turn, as UPS sends her customs invoices exceeding $300 due to these unsolicited shipments she has been unable to decline upon their arrival.

Anca Nitu expressed her bewilderment, telling CBC that the deliveries kept coming with no signs of ending. She further elaborated that this perplexing occurrence is linked to her dormant Amazon account.

“The sight of packages at my door makes me tremble,” Nitu shared, revealing the toll the situation has taken on her well-being. The ongoing influx of shipments has disrupted her sleep patterns and diminished her appetite, leaving her stressed and exhausted.

Refusing to Pay

Nitu is actively contesting the customs fees imposed by UPS. She conveyed her decision to stand firm and reject the payment, leading to an ongoing disagreement with UPS. Expressing her dissatisfaction with the company, she described their position as steadfast and inflexible. 

Nitu attempted to engage with UPS to shed light on the situation, but her encounter with them seemed far from accommodating. As we’ve come to understand from FTC regulations, the principle is clear: you are never obligated to pay for items you receive but have not requested.

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Vendor-Return Scheme

While Nitu hasn’t pinpointed the precise cause behind this bewildering ordeal, she suspects that her residence is unwittingly being enlisted as a return address for sellers or intermediaries looking to offload undesired merchandise.

BBC reported that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) sheds light on the situation, suggesting it may align with a vendor-return scheme. This scheme often involves sellers, primarily from overseas locales such as China or India, evading shipping and warehouse expenses by redirecting returned goods through residential addresses.

When returned items from a seller fail to find new buyers, these companies are confronted with charges for removal and disposal orders. Neesha Hothi, overseeing marketing and communication at B.C.’s BBB, indicated that she had yet to encounter this scheme in her region, but it is a familiar occurrence in the U.S. 

Hothi explained that the modus operandi is often propelled by the convenience and cost-effectiveness of rerouting returned products to an unexpected address instead of shipping them back to their origin, often in countries like China. Various factors could drive this to happen, such as fulfillment centers urging sellers to clear unsold stock or expiring contracts.

BBB highlighted another phenomenon, the Amazon brushing scam, where companies buy items and have them dispatched to random recipients for the purpose of garnering verified reviews. However, Nitu underscored the distinction between her experience and this practice.

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