Untangling All the Controversy Surrounding Colleen Ballinger – E! Online

    Untangling All the Controversy Surrounding Colleen Ballinger – E! Online

    Trisha Paytas, a fellow YouTube star who co-hosts the Oversharing podcast with Ballinger, was pulled into the controversy after one of Ballinger’s former fans alleged that she had sent NSFW photos and videos from Paytas’ OnlyFans account to him

    Johnny Silvestri posted several unverified screenshots to his Twitter on July 3 of a few of the interactions between him and Ballinger, going on to claim that she would host “viewing parties” to make fun of Paytas.

    In a July 3 video, Paytas responded to Ballinger’s alleged behavior, saying she does “not condone, at all—sending unsolicited nudes to anybody, sex worker or not.”

    “I think using someone’s nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them, be mean, is the lowest form of human,” Paytas continued. “These weren’t a long time ago. This is someone well into their 30s who just gave birth, sending nudes. And a month prior, I was in [Ballinger’s] house, meeting her newborn and doing a Mukbang with her.”

    Paytas then explained she reached out to Ballinger over the photo allegations, but that she denied them.

    “I did ask her about these a couple of weeks ago,” Paytas claimed. “She assured me that she had never sent photos of me, [and] that this one fan who was underage at the time would send photos to her.”

    Paytas concluded her video by saying, “I will never speak on Colleen again. She just does not exist to me anymore.” Ballinger has not publicly responded to Paytas’ video.

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