TikTok Blue Eye Theory

TikTok Blue Eye Theory

The TikTok blue eye trend is becoming more popular as users participate in the challenge.

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As of writing, similar trends are also appearing on the video platform. These include the shoe theory and the hair theory. Now, TikTok users created another one called the “blue eye” theory.

In this trend, users are trying the blue eye filter to see how they look if they have blue eyes.

But, why is this TikTok challenge so popular, and what is its main purpose?

TikTok Blue Eye Theory

According to Dexerto‘s latest report, the TikTok blue eye theory was created to prove that blue eyes make people look more intimidating.

TikTok Blue Eye Theory: What Is it and Why It's Going Viral; Fun Facts About Blue Eyes

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This photograph taken with a fish-eye lens in Paris on March 1, 2023 shows the social media application logo TikTok. – The European Parliament has told staff on March 1, 2023 to purge TikTok from devices used for work because of data protection concerns, after similar moves by the EU’s main governing bodies last week.

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To do the challenge, TikTok content creators will use the blue eyes filter of the app. First, they will do a facial expression with their real eyes.

Then, they will do the same expression. But, this time, they will use the blue eyes filter.

Based on the videos, their faces look more intense with their eyes in the color blue (of course, this still depends on people’s perspectives).

Some individuals with natural blue eyes said that they often receive comments about how they look intimidating.

Right now, opinions about the blue eye theory are still divided. If you have any thoughts, you can check some of the TikTok blue eye trends below:

   @benjikrol maybe its true  ♬ original sound – ✧˖*°࿐     


 @lilirem24 #blueeyestheory ♬ original sound – 🙂  

   @gaejude.15 Blue eyed baccla #fyp #wlw #gay #️‍ ♬ original sound – 🙂    

Fun Facts About Blue Eyes 

The TikTok blue eye challenge is currently trending in countries where people commonly have brown or darker-color eyes, such as those in Asia.

If you don’t have blue eyes, then here are some fun facts about this eye color that you need to know: 

  • Blue eyes are more sensitive to light since they contain less melanin. 
  • Only around 8% of people across the globe have blue eyes, making them rare. 
  • Scientists believe that people with blue eyes have a common ancestor. 
  • There are some instances when babies with blue eyes lose this eye coloration. 
  • Experts claim that blue-eyed individuals are more likely to get addicted to alcohol.

If you want to learn more blue eye fun facts, you can visit Auckland Eye‘s official report. 

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