Tamar Braxton Says ‘Tamar 2.0’ Era Is More ‘Grown Up’ (Exclusive)

    Tamar Braxton Says ‘Tamar 2.0’ Era Is More ‘Grown Up’ (Exclusive)

    If there’s one thing Tamar Braxton will always do, it’s show out at an awards show. The Love and War singer graced the 2023 Soul Train Awards with her presence on Sunday in Los Angeles, which she called a heartwarming night of nostalgia.

    Talking with ET backstage at this year’s ceremony, the 46-year-old reality TV star reflected on her musical upbringing, which included many days of watching Soul Train with her siblings. 

    Soul Train is what introduced me to R&B music,” she shared with ET. “We grew up on it. My sister, Toni [Braxton], and my brother, on Saturdays, my parents would go to church and stuff, and they would sneak and listen and watch Soul Train. So it was such a beautiful moment to come back and be here at the award show, and see all the amazing new artists and some of the old artists mixed in together. I’m just so grateful.”

    The singer has been busy on the road for her Love and War 10th Anniversary tour. Braxton praised her fans for being so involved in her career over the years, saying, “[The album] was such a staple, not just in my life but, you know, the fans that participated in it.”

    “And for us to come together and remember where we were when certain songs came out, and how we felt and what we were going through, and to know that we made it over… and some of us are still stuck there,” she added, laughing. “But it’s a beautiful, wonderful healing place. We can laugh, we dance, we cry, and we work on [being] better people. So I’m just really blessed every night to be a part of it.”

    The tour is a great buildup before the singer’s next project, which she doesn’t reveal too much about but shares that she is working on it when asked what’s next on her list.

    “I don’t know so many things. I’m doing a new album and I just dropped a Christmas song [recently]. I really do feel like I’m living my best life, and I’m so comfortable with who I am,” the mom of one declared. “And whatever comes my way, I welcome it in positivity.” 

    It’s a revitalized attitude from the former daytime talk show host, who says those vibes will be present in the upcoming album. 

    “It’s the transparent version of, you know, Tamar. 2.0,” she told ET, referring to her debut album released in 2000. “A lot of people remember me as being the sister on Braxton Family Values, who often gave her unsolicited advice. But this one is the grown-up. I’m in control of my emotions and conversations, and I give my perspective on my life this time.”

    The 2023 Soul Train Awards aired Sunday, Nov. 26, on BET and BET HER.


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