‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Says You ‘Never Know’ If She’ll Stay With Kody

    ‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Says You ‘Never Know’ If She’ll Stay With Kody

    Kody Brown doesn’t find the idea of his fourth and final remaining wife, Robyn Brown, leaving him to be particularly funny. On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Robyn chooses to crack an ill-timed joke that the Brown family patriarch does not appreciate. 

    Speaking with Meri Brown about the unequal division of the family’s land on Coyote Pass, Robyn says, “The other thing is that you never know if Kody and I are going to stay together.”

    She laughs in the moment, and Meri laughs too, saying, “I mean, you never know what’s going to happen another 22 years down the road.”


    The camera pans to Kody, who is sitting at the table with his arms crossed looking less than amused. 

    Robyn tries to cover the moment, saying, “That was a bad joke, Kody, sorry, sorry.”

    Kody just nods his head, saying, “I’m trying to think of a comeback.”

    As the father of 18 puts his head on his fist, Robyn continues to apologize, saying, “That was a bad joke, sorry, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I apologize.”


    Robyn explains that the point she was trying to make was that they “never know” what the future will hold, so she didn’t want her share of the property to be lumped in with Kody’s simply because they are currently together. 

    “I’m not saying that Kody and I are going to really split up, but I mean it’s just like I deserve my fourth too, is what my point is,” Robyn explains in her confessional interview. “Not to be counted with Kody. I actually get tired of that, to constantly, always be counted with Kody.”


    It’s no wonder that Kody might be a bit sensitive to jokes about Robyn leaving him. In 2021, Christine Brown divorced the TLC star and relocated to Utah. Shortly after, his second wife, Janelle Brown, followed suit, separating from Kody and saying she no longer considers herself married to him. Meri, who has been estranged from Kody for years, finally ended their marriage during this Sunday’s finale episode. 

    Stay tuned for next week’s One-on-One special. 

    Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 


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