‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Robyn Says Kody Tries to Sabotage Their Marriage

    ‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Robyn Says Kody Tries to Sabotage Their Marriage

    TLC might need to change the show to just be named Kody

    Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives: One-on-One shared a look into Kody Brown‘s one remaining marriage to Robyn Brown. A tearful Robyn shared that her husband “tries” to sabotage their relationship on a regular basis in the wake of his splits from Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown

    “I have to stop him all the time,” Robyn tells interviewer Sukanya Krishnan. “He picks fights with me [over] dumb things.”

    Robyn believes that the main reason she and her husband fight is their differing reactions to the “bomb that went off in our family.”

    “I’m in a major place of mourning, and he’s angry and he doesn’t want to,” Robyn says of Kody. 


    Kody agrees with his wife’s assessment, saying that he is sabotaging their relationship. 

    “I wanted to punish myself,” he explains. “I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover and looking at this lover and going, ‘I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman. I’m in love with a woman that I left because I was too much a piece of s**t to manage the relationship.'”

    Kody says that these feelings were simply anger and embarrassment on his part. 

    “My anger was a turnoff,” he says. “It was scary. And the dumb thing is, because I’m so honest, I just, I share everything with her. So I shared stuff with her that was heartbreaking. I was like, ‘I’ve been thinking like this.’ You can only imagine how terrible that was. You know, there’s some things in a man’s mind that should never be expressed.” 


    Christine was the first wife to leave Kody in 2021. Shortly after, Janelle and Meri followed suit, with the splits being shown on the show. All of the women agreed that Kody is not the happy, carefree guy they’d previously known. And the splits and resentments have led to a division in the family. 

    A new episode of the Sister Wives: One-on-One special will air Sunday, Dec. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 


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