Seven Poses I Would Have Preferred For The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Amiibo

Seven Poses I Would Have Preferred For The Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Amiibo

Alongside The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo has released a new Amiibo to commemorate the game. The figure, seen above looks great. You can really imagine Link reaching into a grocery store freezer to grab his favorite obscure ice cream flavor hidden behind all the unsold cartons of strawberry. But what if the new Amiibo was a more accurate reflection of players’ time with the game?

Sometimes you are on the side of a mountain and you accidentally shoot a bomb arrow in the wall two feet from your face, fall to your death, and then snap a screenshot right after the moment where the UI disappears, but before the Game Over screen appears. I think the flames licking Link’s dead body would look great in translucent red plastic.

I would love an Amiibo of this moment where another character utters the most absurd phrase in the whole game and Link has to put on a brave, stoic face and pretend that is a totally normal thing for a person to say and not react at all. You wouldn’t want to make anyone self-conscious.

Sometimes a cannon blast is coming your way and you try to use Recall to send it back, but it doesn’t work and you get bounced into the sky. For this Amiibo, the base should be separate from the figure.

This is a safe place where we can all admit we are very impressed with Link’s, “I’m cold!” animation and have, on occasion, made it happen on purpose. How about an Amiibo of that?

Tip: placing a Zonai bomb near your decked-out airship to go off a few seconds after you climb on board doesn’t always work out the way it should. But it would be a great Amiibo.


Link looks so dumb driving this very simple vehicle I made for him. I want an Amiibo version of it. It should have wheels.

I also made him a sand version of the same vehicle using a sled, but for some reason, he found it terrifying. I want that expression on my Amiibo.

The thing I like about this proposed Amiibo is that Link would be upside down. As far as I know, no other Amiibo features a character upside down. There is a first time for everything.

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