Sega Of America Employees File For Unionization

Sega Of America Employees File For Unionization

Employees within Sega of America have filed for unionization. 

Today, The Verge broke the news that a supermajority of 144 employees across Sega of America’s quality assurance, live service, localization, marketing, and product development departments have filed to form a union. This team of workers headquartered in Sega of America’s Irvine, California office filed its union election with the National Labor Relations Board and will go by the name Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS) in partnership with the Communications Workers of America, The Verge reports. 

“We believe that the passionate, hardworking people at our Irvine offices deserve a say in our working conditions, and we are joining together to advocate for change in our workplace,” this new union writes on Twitter. “This is our vision for the path forward. #UnionizeSEGA” 

The AEGIS union also released a longer statement outlining why it’s unionizing, what it wants for its members, and more. You can check it out, in full, below: 

The Verge interviewed two members of this new union and writes that both people it spoke to are “hopeful that Sega of America and its Japanese parent company will voluntarily recognize the union.” For more about this unionization effort, be sure to check out The Verge’s full story.

Game Informer has reached out to Sega of America for comment and will update this story accordingly if comment is received. 

[Source: The Verge]

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