Reddit Rolls Out ‘Mod Helper Program’ to Reward Moderators

Reddit Rolls Out ‘Mod Helper Program’ to Reward Moderators

Reddit has introduced a new initiative known as the “Mod Helper Program” in an effort to acknowledge and reward moderators who provide valuable assistance to their peers. 

This move comes amid concerns expressed by many moderators about the lack of adequate tools in the platform for effective content management, especially after the discontinuation of third-party apps due to Reddit’s API pricing changes.

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Mod Helper Program of Reddit

In a statement, Reddit said the Mod Helper Program is being launched alongside an updated moderator help center to enhance the support available to moderators on the platform. 

The program is also designed to recognize and celebrate the contributions of moderators who offer guidance and insights to fellow moderators in the r/ModSupport community.

In the words of Reddit’s Mod Support team members u/CookiesNomNom and u/Why_So_Sagittarius, the new program is part of Reddit’s commitment to ensuring that moderators receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently. 

The program has been likened to a similar initiative implemented in the r/help community earlier this year.

Explaining the mechanics of the Mod Helper Program, Reddit noted that it would involve a tiered system based on the comment karma earned by moderators who help answer questions in the r/ModSupport community. 

This comment karma will determine the level-specific trophies and flair that moderators receive as a form of recognition. The program aims to foster a collaborative environment where moderators can learn from each other’s expertise.

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Modmail Answer Bot of Reddit

To add more value to moderators’ experience, Reddit has also introduced the Modmail Answer Bot for the r/ModSupport community. The bot will provide links to relevant Help Center articles in response to common queries, streamlining the process of finding solutions to straightforward issues. 

Moderators can indicate if their questions were resolved by responding with “issue solved.” And in cases where the bot’s response isn’t sufficient, moderators can request further assistance.

Additionally, Reddit has unveiled plans to improve the Mod Help Center by merging it with the existing Help Center and giving both resources a refreshed appearance. 

This consolidation aims to ensure that support resources are easily accessible from a single location, making it simpler for moderators to find the information they need. 

This initiative is part of Reddit’s broader efforts to optimize support options and enhance the overall user experience for moderators.

Launching the Mod Helper Program, introducing the Modmail Answer Bot, and revamping the Help Center were seen as steps towards addressing the concerns raised by moderators and improving their experience on the platform.  

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