Reality Star Quad Webb Breaks Silence on 3-Year-Old Niece’s Drowning

    Reality Star Quad Webb Breaks Silence on 3-Year-Old Niece’s Drowning

    Married to Medicine star Quad Webb is speaking out and sharing a message to fans in the wake of her great-niece’s tragic death in July.

    Webb took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a statement addressing the painful loss of both her 3-year-old great-niece, Aryanna, and he aunt, Bev, in the same week.

    “Dear Family, Friends and Supporters, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your love, prayers, condolences, emails, flowers, text messages, phone calls and support as we grapple with the losses of my beloved Ari and my aunt Bev,” Webb wrote. “Your comforting words and gestures have been invaluable to us, providing strength and solace during these trying times.”

    “Thank you also for honoring our request for privacy as we navigate our grief,” Webb continued. “This respect has allowed us the emotional space to be with family and come to terms with our losses.”

    “Your understanding means the world to us,” she continued, “and has been a significant part of our healing process… your unwavering support has been a bright spot during this dark period, providing a sense of unity and love that has been heartwarming.”

    Webb concluded her post with further appreciation, writing, “Thank you for enriching our lives during this challenging time, in ways that words can’t fully capture.”

    The post comes nearly two months after her great-niece drowned in her pool on July 7.  

    According to the police report, obtained by WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta, officers arrived at the reality star’s home in Marietta, Georgia, after two men who were in the backyard of the house noticed what they thought was a doll floating in the pool. Upon realizing it was Aryanna, the men immediately called 911.

    The 3-year-old was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. It is unclear if Webb was at her house during the time of the fatal drowning. 

    Webb’s rep released a statement to ET, at the time, saying, “Quad Webb and family have suffered the loss of two beloved family members, in separate occasions, in just one week. This has been an incredibly challenging experience for the entire family. Your understanding and support are deeply valued.”

    “In this trying time, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and compassion shown by the public, fans and media. We kindly request much-needed privacy during this period of mourning as Quad is taking time to grieve with her family.”



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