Peter Thomas Roth Flash Sale: Get $116 Worth of Skincare Products for Just $69 – E! Online

    Peter Thomas Roth Flash Sale: Get $116 Worth of Skincare Products for Just $69 – E! Online

    If you are on the fence about shopping, check out some of these rave reviews from QVC shoppers. 

    Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel Reviews

    A QVC shopper said, “Don’t know why I did not try this particular one until recently, but it is great. I was using other exfoliants and didn’t think I needed to use this. I was wrong. This is the best thing for my oily face that I have ever used. Within the past week I can tell a difference in my skin and complexion and the only thing I have added is this. The dead skin really does come right off. Great job, Roth.”

    Another reviewed, “You got to get this product, it works, I have smooth skin now because of this beautiful product. I have sensitive skin, I was worried but I took a dive and got this on auto-delivery. SO HAPPY AND MY SKIN IS HAPPY. Thank you so much, don’t stop making this product.”

    “I’m 69, have rosacea and sensitive skin. Needless to say, most exfoliators are way too strong and rough for my skin. But this one is perfection!! Using it once a week leaves my skin smooth and refreshed. During the week if I have a little bump or clogged pore, I spot exfoliate and magically my bump is gone. I can’t say enough good things about this product,” a fan of the peel shared.

    Someone shared, “And it’s so much fun! I cannot believe how I ‘ball’ up only after a few days. The product feels so good and it’s fun to watch the balls collect as your pores are cleaned out. What beautiful, clean skin afterwards. Won’t be without!”

    “I am amazed with everything that came off my face. Yikes!!! I always did other parts of my body to get the dead skin off and let’s just say Yikes!!!!!!! Looks like it is doing what it needs to do for me,” a shopper raved.

    “Best feeling peel. Really works !!!!!!. Just try it You will not be disappointed,” a customer raved.

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