Paul Staehle’s Family Says He’s Missing as His Wife Sparks Concern

    Paul Staehle’s Family Says He’s Missing as His Wife Sparks Concern

    Paul Staehle’s mom believes him to be missing in Brazil. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s mom, Edna, is expressing concern for her son after receiving alarming texts from him before communication ceased.

    Edna told TMZ that Paul has been traveling in Brazil since July, but only sparked concern on Thursday when he sent his family messages indicating that he needed help as he was lost in the country.

    Per the outlet, Paul told Edna that he needed a boat and gave her contact information for people who may be able to help him out. Though Edna’s reached out to those in question, she’s yet to hear back from them.

    Since then, Edna has been unable to get in touch with Paul and now believes that his phone is either phone is off, without signal, or out of battery.

    Paul’s wife, Karine, is adding to the concern for him after she claimed on her Instagram Story that he went missing in Brazil on Thursday, per Daily Mail.

    Shortly thereafter in her feed, Karine, who’s had an on-and-off relationship with Paul since they met in 2017, shared a montage of photos and videos featuring herself, Paul, and their two sons.

    “Not all of our memories were bad. Our children loved you very much,” she wrote alongside the video. “We will never forgot [sic] you or the good memories we all shared.”

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