Megababe Beauty Will Save You From Summer Chafing — Yes, Even There – E! Online

    Megababe Beauty Will Save You From Summer Chafing — Yes, Even There – E! Online

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    Spring and summer: The seasons of the year where hemlines get shorter, clothes get billowy-er, and the sweating begins. My god, the sweating. It’s one of those things that we, as people, tend not to really talk about, either. It’s kind of gross!

    The perspiration, the aroma, the chafing…it leads to a lot of unpleasantness during the half of the year that common sense tells us to go buckwild for. Which is why, in the parlance of the internet, we’re screaming, crying, throwing up over Megababe.

    Megababe is a “vegan, cruelty-free, clean, and effective” line of products designed to target our least favorite thing (sweating) in the places we’re comfortable talking about it, as well as those we’d never admit. Boob sweat? Yup, they have it covered. What about toes? Yes, they have a specialty product for that too.

    Okay, but, what about the dreaded inner-thigh chafing? Surely, that’s such an open secret by now, they’ve skipped it in favor of more specialty products? Nope. Megababe covered that too. 

    So whether you’re in the market for a cream, a lotion, a powder, or anything else to keep you feeling dry and smelling fresh throughout the swampy season, Megababe makes something for you. Well, us. Because, honestly? We all deal with it. 

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