LinkedIn Adds New Topic Prompts to Help Creators Build Their Presence in the App

LinkedIn Adds New Topic Prompts to Help Creators Build Their Presence in the App

As part of its broader roll out of a central location for creator analytics and tools, which is designed to make it easier to manage all aspects of your content in the app, LinkedIn has also now added some new topic and post prompts to help guide creators in building their in-app presence.

LinkedIn’s been rolling out its new ‘Analytics and tools’ dashboard to users with Creator Mode switched on over the last few months, which provides a full overview of content performance, as well as the creator-specific tools available to you.

As you can see in these screenshots, Analytics and Tools, available from the left side panel in the app (to those with Creator More active), will show you content performance over time, and topics associated with your profile (which you can add to), as well as a full listing of the creator elements available to you in the app (e.g. LinkedIn Live, Newsletters, CTA links).

LinkedIn Creator Tools

As noted, LinkedIn’s been rolling this out to selected users since February, but just recently, it added another element to the Creator Mode dashboard – ‘Conversations Happening Now’, which includes a new Post Ideas listing.

LinkedIn Creator Tools

As per LinkedIn:

“In the Conversations happening now section, you’ll see a sample of posts that might be relevant to you and your audience. The posts that appear in this section are based on the content you have previously posted and topics your audience might be interested in. You can click on the post to review in more detail and consider reposting them with your own commentary to join the conversation.”

The initiative is part of LinkedIn’s broader effort to prompt more users to post more often, with LinkedIn also experimenting with AI-generated post prompts to help get you thinking about what you might want to post to maximize engagement with your in-app audience.

LinkedIn AI posts

Which, in some ways, feels a little inauthentic. The idea is that Creator Mode gives you a means to highlight your expertise and knowledge within your niche, but if LinkedIn’s doing all the curating for you, that feels like it could help people with less oversight, and insight, to gain more notoriety, without really understanding the full scope of the industry.

Which, of course, is even worse if you start using AI to create those opinion posts for you, which could see LinkedIn flooded with a lot of empty opinions based on such, as opposed to facilitating genuine insight, and respective interaction with actual experts.

Then again, your posts likely won’t get attention if your opinions are rubbish, so there is some need for original thinking on top of these prompts. But it does seem like this could get misused by some to improve their standing, with less actual research and experience required to make it look like you know what you’re talking about.

But either way, it will help LinkedIn to increase engagement, which remains at record high levels, as the platform continues to grow.

Maybe, from LinkedIn’s perspective, that’s enough of a win in itself – and when coupled with the need for original insight to truly separate yourself from the crowd, it’ll be hoping that that will be enough to weed out the fakers in the app.

The new Conversations Happening Now element is available to English language users of Creator Mode – if it’s not available in your tools as yet, it’s coming soon.

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