How Jill Duggar Is Parenting Her Own Way Apart From Her Famous Family – E! Online

    How Jill Duggar Is Parenting Her Own Way Apart From Her Famous Family – E! Online

    She also paid tribute to Derick on Father’s Day, writing, “I love watching you father our boys! They don’t even know how blessed they are yet! Thanks for being my bff, my greatest advocate and support through thick and thin….and for loving me and the boys a little more than you love @wafflehouseofficial haha.” (The slide show included a photo of her husband effecting a Superman pose in front of said Waffle House while wearing all sorts of merch.)

    And in what could be considered a surprising shout-out considering the drama of the preceding few months (or the past 20 years), Jill added, “Also happy Father’s Day to my dad @duggarfam love you so much and hope you had a lovely day!”

    For the most part, though, her attention and affections are directed at her own brood, and their summer fun has included pool time (the kids’ swim lesson achievements are a theme on Mom’s Insta), trips to the local public library and a recent swing through Fayetteville, Ark., where soft-serve vanilla in a waffle cone from Braum’s was a major nostalgic highlight.

    “Anyone else feeling the crazy summer ‘schedule’?” Jill captioned a June 30 pic of her loaded-up stroller. “What are your days looking like & what are your favorite hacks to help keep things flowing?”

    Believe it or not, a lot of moms weighed in with helpful commentary. Which should help maintain the calm before the expected storm when Counting the Cost puts Jill and Derick squarely back in the spotlight come September.

    And scroll on for more of Jill and Derick’s sweetest family moments:

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