Google eSignature Beta Is Now Available in Google Docs and Drive — Here’s What You Need to Know

Google eSignature Beta Is Now Available in Google Docs and Drive — Here’s What You Need to Know

Google has introduced an open beta for its newly implemented eSignature feature within Google Workspace, specifically for Google Docs and Google Drive. 

This feature aims to enhance the signature capture process for individual users and groups across various accounts. The announcement, made through a blog post by Google, outlines the progression of this feature. 

In June 2022, Google initiated alpha testing for requesting and capturing eSignatures within Google Docs. Drawing from the feedback gathered during the testing phase, the company has now elevated the eSignature capability to an open beta for subscribers of Google Workspace Individual. 

Additionally, Google plans to make eSignature accessible in beta mode for select Google Workspace customers. The target audience for this development includes administrators and end users who engage with Google Workspace services.

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Google Seamless eSignature Process

The eSignature feature in Google Docs is intended to simplify the process of requesting and adding signatures to official documents, particularly for individuals operating as solopreneurs or small businesses. 

By integrating eSignature directly into Google Docs, users can seamlessly manage contracts, customer agreements, and other binding documents. The implementation aims to streamline workflows and eliminate the need for an app or tab switching during the signature process.

Google’s blog post also mentioned that the eSignature feature will be available in beta for select Google Workspace customers, in conjunction with a larger beta encompassing new custom email layouts in Gmail. 

These email layouts offer users the flexibility to modify existing templates, reuse layouts in multiple email campaigns, or create entirely new layouts.

The rollout of the eSignature feature for Workspace Individual users is expected to be gradual, commencing on August 8. For Workspace customers interested in the beta, applications will be accepted, and customers will be allowed to list in the subsequent weeks.

The eSignature feature is accessible to Google Workspace individual subscribers and eligible for beta testing for various Google Workspace editions, including Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofits customers.

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Upcoming eSignature Features

Furthermore, Google plans to introduce additional eSignature capabilities later in the year. These will include:

1. An audit trail feature that automatically includes an audit trail report in completed contracts.

2. Support for multiple signers, enabling signature requests from more than one user.

3. Compatibility with non-Gmail users, allowing eSignature requests for individuals using non-Gmail email services.

4. The ability to initiate eSignatures on PDF files stored in Google Drive. 

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