Get to Your Airport Gate On Time With These Practical Must-Haves – E! Online

    Get to Your Airport Gate On Time With These Practical Must-Haves – E! Online

    If you prefer to keep your hands free while still having your valuables right by you, this travel money belt is a gamechanger. It features a minimal, lightweight design that includes multiple pockets, a breathable mesh back, and RFID blocking for added security. It’s roomy enough to fit all your essentials yet discreet enough to keep everything concealed, especially when worn under clothes. Plus, it’s available in 12 different colors.

    One shopper on Amazon described, “I rarely leave reviews, but this product deserves it.The belt itself is heavy material, the zippers look to be reinforced, obviously high quality. My wife and I are traveling to Belize in a month and I wanted something that I could put our passports, cash, CC, and travel tickets in. Women have their purses, for us guys, it is a little tougher, especially for disorganized people like me. Usually when I get to security, I am the one holding up the line, digging through his pockets, etc. The last time I traveled I lost my laptop cord to TSA and swore that would not happen again, although I did not want the (ughh) fanny pack. This belt is perfect, not too big, obvious high quality, attaches nice and tight., and the zipper pockets are about the right size. All in all, I am very pleased, it will work nicely for what it is designed for, obviously some thought went into this product’s design. Highly Recommended”

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