Florence Pugh Hit in the Face By Flying Object at Comic Con in Brazil

    Florence Pugh Hit in the Face By Flying Object at Comic Con in Brazil

    It seems the phenomenon of entertainers being hit in the face by random stuff thrown by fans isn’t limited to musicians.

    Florence Pugh was the unfortunate victim of an errant flying object lobbed onto stage as she posed with her Dune: Part Two co-stars at a Comic-Con event in Brazil on Sunday.

    Pugh, 27, was posing alongside a few of her co-stars — including Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Zendaya, as well as director Denis Villeneuve.

    As they stood in a semi-circle in front of a hall full of fans, an unknown object was thrown from the crowd and struck Pugh in the face, around her eye. The actress reacted in pain and surprise, while her co-stars looked around confused and shocked by what had happened.

    Footage of the moment began circulating on Sunday, with many online expressing their disgust at the behavior of whoever threw the object. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as though Pugh was seriously injured in the incident.

    The phenomenon of fans hitting celebs in the face while on stage has been in the headlines frequently in recent months — particularly with musicians who have been pelted while performing by everything from bras to bouquets to bracelets and even cellphones.

    Just last month, Taylor Swift was performing onstage at the Estadio Monumental (a.k.a. River Plate Stadium) in Buenos Aires — during the third night of her run in Argentina, as part of the South American leg of her Eras Tour — when a fan threw an object onto stage.

    The songstress, however, dealt with the situation calmly and professionally, with the blend of delicate tenderness and authoritative scolding.

    “Just because communication means having gentle, healthy boundaries, it really freaks me out when stuff gets thrown on the stage,” Swift said. “Because, if it’s on the stage, then a dancer can trip on it.”

    Swift made sure to walk a very delicate line between making sure the fan didn’t feel attacked, while also sternly stressing that it was not to happen again, period. “I love that you bought presents and that is so nice, but just, can you please not throw them on the stage,” Swift said. In true “gentle parenting” style, Swift ended her reprimand with a supportive, “I love you so much.”


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