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Five Pick-Me-Ups | Cup of Jo

Five Pick-Me-Ups | Cup of Jo


This week brought a mix of spectacular sunshine and gloomy rain, but we kept our moods up with a few everyday glimmers. For example, inspired by this little lady all in blue…

denim tuxedo

…I wore all blue myself (or, as Beyoncé says in Levii’s Jeans, ‘denim on denim, on denim, on denim’).

games night

We also hosted an epic games night at our house…

best board games

…and the crowd favorite remained Poetry for Neanderthals, the funniest game always.

funny vanity plate car

Recently I’ve been spotting lots of vanity plates around town. “Abs not” made me laugh, and I also saw and liked “Not much.” Anton said we should get a plate that says “INFNTRIZ” (“infinite rizz”), but can you imagine someone speeding up to get a peek at the driver and it’s me lol?

sofa nap

Of course, we took some sofa naps…

books are magic poor deer

…and then walked to Books Are Magic. This staff recommendation of Poor Deer says: “With characters so tangible, you wish you could reach into the pages and grab their grimy little hands.” (I’m also reading Dolly Alderton’s Dear Dolly collection of her romance advice columns, which are great.)

What glimmers have you noticed lately? What’s your emotional temperature these days? Please share below…

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