Everything to Know About Xeomin, the Trendy Botox Alternative – E! Online

    Everything to Know About Xeomin, the Trendy Botox Alternative – E! Online

    What are the benefits of Xeomin vs. Botox?

    Both treatments, according to Dr. Lee, “work similarly to reduce lines and wrinkles by preventing muscle contraction.” 

    And like Botox, Xeomin is FDA-approved for medical and aesthetic purposes. According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, doctors can use it both on-label and off-label for the glabellar lines—or, as it’s commonly referred to, the “11s” between the frown lines and eyebrows—crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, in addition to medical conditions such as cervical dystonia, blepharospasm and upper limb spasticity.

    One added benefit of using Xeomin, Dr. Lee shares, is that some studies have shown it “delivers a quicker onset of action.” Think: Short treatment time, a faster recovery and noticeable results within two weeks.

    And as far as how long Xeomin typically lasts, well, it’s similar to others in that you can enjoy its benefits for three to four months, the facial plastic surgeon revealed. The only exception is Botox alternative Daxxify, in which the company claims that its injectable lasts six to nine months.

    What are potential side effects of Xeomin?

    No matter what injectable you choose, know that there are potential risks. With Xeomin, in particular, some possible side effects include swallowing, speaking or breathing difficulties, per the brand’s website. Additionally, there is a chance the toxin may spread away from the injection site, with the brand noting you could experience blurred vision, loss of bladder control and muscle weakness all over the body.

    Dr. Lee echoed similar sentiments, adding that other risks include “redness, swelling, pain, possible headache with injections in the forehead and drooping eyes or brows if injected incorrectly.”

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