Eric McCormack’s Wife Files for Divorce After 26 Years of Marriage

    Eric McCormack’s Wife Files for Divorce After 26 Years of Marriage

    Eric McCormack and Janet Leigh Holden McCormack’s marriage is coming to an end. She filed for divorce from the Will & Grace star after 26 years of marriage.

    According to court documents obtained by ET, Janet filed the divorce papers just one day before Thanksgiving in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In the court documents, Janet cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. The estranged couple got married on Aug. 3, 1997. As far as the date of separation, Janet listed “TBD.”

    She’s requesting spousal support and for her attorney fees to be covered. She’s also requesting that no support be awarded to Eric, who shares 21-year-old son, Finnigan, with Janet. Janet is also asking for equal division of property as they start to divvy among themselves. 

    Neither Eric nor Janet have publicly addressed the split. According to the New York Post, the estranged couple was last pictured together in March at an Academy Awards viewing party.

    Eric first met Janet on the set of the TV series Lonesome Dove. In an April 2020 Instagram post, the actor shared that “no one on the show knew we’d been dating for months” while pictured together at the season 1 wrap party in December 1994.

    “She was the assistant director,” Eric told The Guardian in 2007. “I was just coming out of a relationship, and not to be trusted. I’d been dating actresses but Janet was different. She wore jeans, drove a pick-up truck … At first she wasn’t too keen. She knew actors are a lot of work: it would be like taking your work home with you. But I managed to convince her. We had a secret affair the first season. I mean, dating crew! Actually, it was much worse for her, because she wasn’t supposed to give any of the actors preferential treatment.”

    In that same story, the actor opened up about parenting. 

    “I’m torn about late parenting. I believe people should spend their twenties living and having fun and not having any regrets later,” he said. “I also think people in their thirties generally make better parents but so many of my friends are having trouble — myself included — as fathers get older. My son was born when I was 38. We’re trying for our second child at the moment and when it comes I’ll be at least 43. It’s that Woody Allen line about Charlie Chaplin having kids at 70: ‘Yes, but he couldn’t pick them up!'”


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