Britney Spears Debuts Red Snake Tattoo on Her Back

    Britney Spears Debuts Red Snake Tattoo on Her Back

    Britney Spears dedicated some valuable real estate on her back for a new tattoo, and the 41-year-old pop star couldn’t contain her excitement to share the new ink on her bod.

    Britney took to Instagram on Friday to share a video that begins with the end result, a red snake tattoo slithering down the center of her back. The video then cuts to the tattoo artist going to town on her back while Britney patiently waits. It was apparently a hot day when she got the tat, as three fans are positioned almost directly in front of her.

    At one point, Britney’s facial expression reveals she felt some pain, but nothing she couldn’t handle. The only hiccup? Her blonde locks got in the way at least once. But when it was all said and done, Britney couldn’t have been more excited to show off the new ink.

    “My new snake tattoo,” she gushed in her Instagram video. “I’m so excited guys.”

    The caption to her video was also pretty succinct — a snake emoji.

    Britney, who is divorcing Sam Asghari after one year marriage, has been living her best life since joining the single life. Just last week, the “…Baby One More Time” singer introduced a new four-legged baby to her pack. She posted video of the tiny fur baby she dubbed Snow.

    In the video, the all-white ball of fur could be seen running circles around Britney, who, in the background, could be heard saying, “Let me show them how tiny you are.”

    While it looks like it’s all fun and games on Instagram, a source told ET that Britney felt “like the rug has been pulled from underneath her and is trying to adjust to [the] single life” amid the divorce.

    ET exclusive reported last month that it was Sam who pulled the trigger on dissolving the marriage.


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