Apple, Some of Its Executives Who Left Twitter Joined Meta’s Threads — Zuck’s App Close to 100M Users

Apple, Some of Its Executives Who Left Twitter Joined Meta’s Threads — Zuck’s App Close to 100M Users

Apple and its many brands are among the new users of Threads, with the company’s presence now growing on Meta’s present-day trending app.  

Different Apple apps also established their presence on Threads, like on various social media platforms, and its other executives who left Twitter have also created their accounts on the new text-based app. 

One of the largest apps in the world, Meta Threads, has grown to a stunning user base in the past few days since July 5, with the platform now close to reaching 100 million users.  

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Apple and its Brands Are Now on Meta’s Threads App

Different brands and companies have made their way to Threads, and among those is one of the largest corporations in the world, Apple. Over the weekend, many accounts began appearing on Threads, all part of the Apple ecosystem, including the company’s many apps, which are all verified as well in the new app. 

Apple News first arrived on Threads and already gained followers on the platform despite the company not yet posting anything. Not soon after, other apps also joined the new platform, including Apple BooksApple MusicBeats by Dre, and the music-recognition app, Shazam

However, the official Apple account has yet to arrive, but more are expected to arrive on the new app. Apple and its apps are also known for not joining Twitter’s former rival, Mastodon, during the earlier search for an alternative platform.

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Meta Threads Close to 100 Million Users

Amid all of these changes, Meta is the most thriving of all as Threads is already close to reaching the 100 million userbase threshold, and only after almost four days. 

According to 9to5 Mac, among Apple executives who joined the new app include Phil Schiller, who is widely regarded as Apple’s greatest senior vice president of marketing and best known for deactivating his Twitter account earlier.  

Meta Threads vs. Twitter

The rivalry has begun, and this is with the latest iteration from Meta to venture into a text-based app that is part of the Instagram family, with Threads first announcing its release via the App Store’s pre-registration feature. 

While it initially promised to arrive by July 6, it went a day earlier with many people already joining the new app. However, there is a massive concern now against Threads, and this was the amount of data it claimed to collect from users, and it is significant considering that it is still starting.

Twitter stans and Elon Musk thought that this was already absurd from Meta, especially with the kind of information it would collect from the users, saying that it was a classic move from Mark Zuckerberg. 

Despite the early privacy concerns from Threads’ data collection, those who have lost their fondness for Twitter have taken part in the mass exodus to the new platform from Mark Zuckerberg and Meta.

Apple’s recent arrival on Threads was a statement, especially as it has not joined Mastodon like the others, alongside several executives that are part of the new Meta app’s growth towards 100 million. 

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