Apple Picking | Cup of Jo

Apple Picking | Cup of Jo

One alternate apple-picking reality: You take a day off from work on a Thursday, leave kids behind, bring a friend, and do whatever you want all day long – apples, lunch, wandering through small towns striking up random conversations. I miss the northeast so much at this time of year.
Sadly I cannot do any of his, but I hope someone else does. It is still f-ing 95 degrees everyday, yes, I am grumpy about it.
I was also thinking just the other day about Smitten Kitchen’s spiced applesauce cake, made with homemade applesauce, which turns out is divine and a snap to make. That is one sublimely delicious autumn cake.
I am rambling on, but speaking of weather – how are the Brooklyn/ NYC peeps doing? News reports are showing photos of flooding.

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