Amazon Partners With Shopify to Allow Sellers to Use Amazon’s Logistics Network

Amazon Partners With Shopify to Allow Sellers to Use Amazon’s Logistics Network

Amazon has partnered with Shopify to offer an app that integrates Amazon’s fulfillment network with Shopify’s platform. This collaboration aims to empower US-based merchants who utilize Amazon’s logistics to directly add the “Buy with Prime” feature to their Shopify Checkout, processed through Shopify Payments.

“Shopify merchants will have the choice to offer their products to Prime members on Shopify for the first time ever while continuing to maintain 100% control of their brand and their customer data in Shopify’s admin,” Shopify said in a statement.

“We’re on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. That means making sure our merchants are able to sell everywhere. To do this, we’re committed to giving our merchants and their customers more choice,” the company added.

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This photograph shows the logo of US online retail giant Amazon logistics during the inauguration of first Belgian delivery centre in Antwerp, on November 3, 2022.

Milestone for Shopify Merchants

This development marks a significant milestone for Shopify merchants as they gain the ability to offer their products to Amazon Prime members on the Shopify platform, providing access to a broader customer base. 

Notably, merchants will maintain full control over their brand identity and customer data within the Shopify admin, ensuring a seamless integration of services.

Amazon’s contribution to this partnership includes the creation of an app within Shopify’s app ecosystem. This app will enable eligible Shopify sellers who use Amazon’s fulfillment services to add the “Buy with Prime” option to their checkout process. 

By doing so, Shopify merchants can provide Prime members with benefits such as fast and free delivery without leaving the Shopify platform.

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, emphasized the importance of choice in their approach to e-commerce. He noted that Shopify’s primary focus is to empower entrepreneurs to reach their customers across various online platforms. 

The collaboration with Amazon further aligns with this vision, granting Shopify merchants access to Amazon Prime members while ensuring they retain complete control over their brand identity and customer data.

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Tapping Into a New Customer Segment

This partnership’s key advantage lies in its expanded reach to Shopify merchants. By integrating Amazon’s fulfillment network, they can tap into a new customer segment – Amazon Prime members – who can now enjoy Prime benefits, including swift and cost-free delivery, on the Shopify platform. 

This addition gives customers more flexibility in how they shop, giving them access to a diverse range of independent brands they trust. 

“Most importantly, we’re giving merchants access to Prime members while also ensuring they keep 100% control of their brand and their customer data, all within the Shopify admin. So the bottom line is this: this new app will make it easier for our merchants who also partner with Amazon to offer Buy with Prime to their customers on their Shopify-powered site,” Finkelstein said.

“More choice, means more opportunities to succeed as an entrepreneur; and that’s what we are powering here at Shopify,” he added.

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