A Timeline of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s Relationship

    A Timeline of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s Relationship

    Kroy Biermann is looking to sell the $3 million mansion he shares with his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, just a week after he filed for divorce from her for a second time.

    In a court document obtained by ET, the former NFL pro requests an emergency hearing to get permission to put their house in Alpharetta, Georgia, on the market. 

    ET has been told that Kim and Kroy mutually agreed to sell their residence.

    Kim and Kroy initially filed for divorce on May 5 — shortly after news of their financial and potential legal woes first broke — announcing they wanted to dissolve their marriage of 11 years. 

    Following the divorce filing, things got very messy between the reality TV stars — from Kroy accusing Kim of having a “compulsive” gambling problem to Kim claiming her husband is a manipulator.

    But their romance was longstanding before their splits. The couple’s initial flame was first sparked by a chance encounter at a charity event in 2010, followed by a whirlwind romance, a lavish, televised wedding and several children. Together 45-year-old Kim and 37-year-old Kroy share Kroy Jr., 11, Kash, 10, and twins, Kaia and Kane, 9. During their marriage, Kroy adopted Kim’s oldest daughters, Brielle, 26, and Ariana, 21.

    Now that Kroy is once again looking to terminate their union and trying to sell their house, ET is looking back at his and Kim’s romance, their split, their reconciliation, Kroy’s second divorce filing, and new legal woes that have subsequently surfaced.

    May 2010 — Dancing With Destiny

    The fateful meeting between Kim and Kroy came at a charity event in 2010, at the “Dancing Stars of Atlanta” gala, where Kroy was competing against Kim’s RHOA co-star, Shereé Whitfield. Kroy came over to her table at some point during the event and gave her his number, and it sparked their eventual romance.

    May 2011 — Debut Baby

    On May 30, Kim and Kroy welcomed their first child together. Kim tweeted at the time, “@biermann71 and I are happy to announce the birth of our son today. Kroy Jagger Biermann is healthy & beautiful. We are so in love!” She later tweeted in a follow-up post, “Thank you for all ur sweet tweets! Kroy, the girls and I are so in love with baby KJ!”

    October 2011 — She Said Yes!

    Kim took to Twitter to share the exciting news that she and Kroy were engaged. “I am happy to announce that YES @biermann71 and I are engaged! I’m on a cloud and so blessed!!” Kim wrote at the time. 

    November 2011 — Exchanging Vows

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and the Atlanta Falcons defensive end exchanged “I dos” during their beautiful nuptials in Roswell, Georgia, on Nov.11, 2011 at their large home. Kim reportedly wore three different gowns during the lavish affair, which cost over $1 million. The wedding was also featured in their spinoff reality TV series, Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, on Bravo.

    Aug. 15, 2012 — Kash on Delivery

    Less than a year after tying the knot, Kim and Kroy welcomed their second child together — a boy named Kash Kade Biermann. “I’m so happy to announce that today we @kimzolciak and I welcomed our 2nd son Kash Kade, Mommy and baby are doing great!” Kroy wrote on Twitter, announcing the joyous news.

    March 2013 — The More the Merrier

    Apart from their two children that they share, Kroy declared his intention to legally adopt Kim’s daughters — Brielle and Ariana — from previous relationships. 

    November 2013 — Twins!

    Two years after their lavish nuptials, the couple expanded their family yet again — even more than they had planned. The pair welcomed twins — a girl named Kaia and a boy named Kane — and couldn’t have been more excited. 

    July 2015 — Happy (Late) Honeymoon

    It took more than three years for Kim and Kroy to finally find time to actually go on their honeymoon after getting married, so they made the most of it. The couple spent some quality time together on a romantic getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Kim made sure to share the memories on Instagram. “We are finally on our ‘honeymoon’ almost four years later, 4 kids later and 5 years of utter bliss!” Kim wrote in a post on Instagram.

    September 2015 — Health Scare

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had been competing on Dancing With the Stars, alongside partner Tony Dovolani, but was forced to withdraw from the competition when she suffered a blood clot that caused a “mini-stroke” and led to her hospitalization after flying home for the weekend. Kim was advised by her doctor not to fly back to Los Angeles for the next week of competition. She was subsequently disqualified from the competition and made to withdraw out of concern for her wellbeing.

    The following month, Kim revealed during an interview with Good Morning America that the mini-stroke revealed another frightening medical condition, which she had no idea about. “The minor TIA [transient ischemic attack] revealed that I have a PFO [patent foramen ovale], a hole in my heart that never closed,” the mother of six said. She explained that she suffered a stroke because a blood clot was “able to cross over through the hole.” Kim said she was “feeling great” and was grateful that her doctors took notice of her PFO when they did.

    September 2016 — Troubling Rumors


    After Kroy was cut from the Buffalo Bills just two weeks after joining the team, rumors began to swirl that there was trouble in paradise. Kim went on a rant on Snapchat, raging against those speculating about her marriage. “I swear I’m like married to the king. He cleaned the whole house this morning and he cleaned the waterfall out front,” she gushed in several clips. “I swear he’s like the most incredible human that’s ever walked this planet…. On a more serious note, I don’t appreciate people talking s**t especially s**t that’s not true because I have the most incredible husband in the whole world.”

    August 2018 — Past Revelations

    Kim dropped a surprise on her Instagram followers when sharing a snapshot of her husband showering outdoors in swim trunks. “Yes please! For the love of God! Wet n Wild Wednesday! @kroybiermann Fun Fact: Today eight years ago, Kroy TRIED to break up with me,” Kim captioned the pics. “That lasted only 24 hrs. Grateful for you baby! My ride or die, my rock, my heart, the best daddy ever and you are the hottest man I ever did see. #ImGreatWithDates #IRemember.”

    May 5, 2023 — Dual Divorces

    In documents obtained by ET, it was revealed that Kroy and Kim each filed for divorce from one another in separate petitions on May 5, after 11 years of marriage. According to the docs, the two both state that they are in a “bona fide state of separation,” and had been since April 30.

    In the doc filed in Georgia’s Fulton County, Kroy states that his marriage is “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.” He is seeking temporary and permanent sole legal and sole physical custody of the couple’s four minor children. He is not seeking custody of their two older kids.

    Kim is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody of the children, as well as temporary and permanent child support. She is also seeking alimony, arguing that she is “dependent upon Kroy” for financial “support and maintenance.” The news of their divorce comes amid reports that the pair owes over $1 million in back taxes to the IRS.

    May 9, 2023 — Still Living Together

    Despite filing for divorce, Kim and Kroy continued to live under the same roof.

    The dual filings came two months after the former couple’s Atlanta home was taken off the auction block due to foreclosure, and ET learned that while the pair put on a “united front” for everyone around them, things hadn’t been going well for a while.

    “This is a complete shock and no one saw this coming. Kim and Kroy have always come off as ‘couple goals’ and seemed so in love,” one of the sources told ET before a second source claimed that “Kim and Kroy haven’t been getting along for a while.”

    “Although publicly they showcased a united front, it wasn’t like that behind closed doors. The financial issues they have really started to add up and that is what ultimately broke the relationship,” a second source added. “Kroy took on more of a manager role for the family, handling business dealings and finances and Kim felt he led them down the wrong path. Kroy feels like Kim’s spending habits and financial priorities contributed to their issues.”

    May 11, 2023 — Bye, Bye Wedding Ring

    In new photos shared to her Instagram Story, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared she’s learning how to play Fortnite with a light hand, as in minimal jewelry and definitely no wedding ring

    In the video, Kim can be seen trying on gaming headphones in her attempt to learn how to play the popular online game in order to get her 26-year-old daughter, Brielle, to pay attention to her.

    Kim had a casual look for the gaming lesson, opting for a white tank and black sweats. The only jewelry she appeared to be wearing was on her left hand, a pair of bracelets, and it’s quite noticeable that she had already ditched her wedding ring.

    May 17, 2023 — Allegations and Accusations 

    On May 17, Kim requested that her estranged husband undergo drug testing. Per court docs obtained by ET, Kim claimed she had seen Kroy “smoking marijuana” and had “serious concerns” for the safety and well-being of their children.

    Kim requested drug testing at Kroy’s expense, including a five-panel hair follicle drug screening. She also asked that the former NFL star not cut or remove any of his hair until the screening is completed.

    Days later, on May 22, ET learned that Kroy was making some accusations of his own. He alleged that Kim presented a “very troubling” gambling problem over the course of their marriage, which he claimed accelerated in the months leading up to their divorce.

    In addition to allegedly financially devastating their family, Kroy claimed that Kim had been so consumed with online gambling, that she was unable to properly care for their children, leaving him concerned for their safety and well-being.

    Kory furthered his claims with a bank statement from the couple’s joint account from the month of April, which had over $127,000 in deposits at the beginning of the month, and by the end, was only left with $760.00.

    Kroy asked for Kim to be psychologically evaluated to determine “any underlying mental issues” that he believed had manifested through his estranged wife’s alleged gambling problem and other “behaviors indicative of additional addiction issues.”

    He not only believed it was in the best interest of their children for Kim to submit to the psychological evaluation and follow any recommended treatment, but Kroy also asked that she pay for it, and make the results available to the court, as well as him and his legal team.

    June 1, 2023 — The Punch Allegation

    Kroy claimed Kim punched him in the back of the head one day before they both filed for divorce. According to Page Six, who first broke the story, a police report dated May 4 said officers from the Milton Police Department responded to a domestic dispute at the former couple’s Georgia home.

    According to the report, Kim told cops Kroy locked her designer purses, jewelry and passport in a safe and then hid the key from her. Kim went on to claim that the items — allegedly worth a whopping $175,000 — were premarital assets. Kroy had a different story, claiming to police that the items were marital property, with the objective of liquidating the assets to help pay down bills.

    Eventually, Kroy led cops down to the basement and opened the safe, but there were no purses. Kim’s passport was in a Louis Vuitton case, which was then handed to police. What’s more, the police report stated that Kroy told cops that the former couple got into an argument over the items in question, which he claimed led to her punching him in the back of the head. According to Page Six, Biermann declined to press charges even though he produced a recording of the alleged altercation.

    June 14, 2023 — Kroy Sued for Missed Car Payments

    BMW Financial Services sued Kroy for allegedly failing to make payments on his Rolls-Royce.

    In docs obtained by ET, BMW claimed Kroy defaulted on the terms of the contract signed at the time the car was leased by failing to make payments as agreed. BMW also alleged that Kroy “failed and refused” to turn over the vehicle, which they say is still located at his home in Alpharetta, Georgia.

    Included with the lawsuit was a copy of Kroy’s lease agreement as well as a transaction statement from May 16, 2023, which showed which payments had been made and missed. Per the agreement, payments were $5,297.64 a month and the contract was for 36 months. The contract began on July 31, 2020 and was set to end on July 31, 2023.

    June 15, 2023 — Kroy Requests Court-Appointed Guardians for His and Kim’s Children

    In court documents filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia, Kroy claimed he’s concerned for his children’s safety with Kim because, among other things, she “frequently takes videos of herself while she is driving, even when the children are with her in the car.”

    Kroy also claimed that, since they both filed for divorce in early May, Kim has spent very little time at home. And when she does, Kroy alleged that she’s on her phone leaving him to care for the children the majority of the time. Kroy claimed that, up until February 2022, they had a live-in nanny who performed all the child housekeeping duties and watch the younger children, but since the divorce filing, they’ve had to fire the nannies, chefs and housekeepers. Kroy alleged that he’s been the one picking up all the slack.

    What’s more, Kroy stated how concerned he is about Kim’s alleged gambling problem, an accusation he’s already brought up in court.

    “At times, she has been so consumed with hitting the spin button on the virtual slot machines that she fails to pay adequate attention to the children, except when she permits them to gamble on her account,” Kroy claimed in court documents.

    As such, Kroy asked the court to appoint Judge Michael and Mrs. Stephanie Chastain of Crossroads Family Mediation as guardians ad litem. He also requested a hearing on this as soon as possible.

    June 16, 2023 – News of Kim Calling Cops on Kroy

    ET obtained a 911 call Kim placed in which she alleged to the dispatcher that Kroy threatened to have her friend arrested for kidnapping their son after giving the friend permission to take their son to a rodeo show.

    Kim seemed nonchalant while explaining her “situation,” which was that Kroy “is threatening a kidnapping because my girlfriend took my son on a playdate, and now he has harassed not only the mother but my son is shaking and hysterically crying.”

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum went on to say that she’s “going to leave and go pick him up to prevent this situation.” She added, “I just don’t know what else to do at this point.”

    July 1, 2023 – Kim’s Unpaid Target Bill

    Amid her divorce drama, Kim was being sued over an unpaid credit card bill in the amount of $2,482.24.

    According to Page Six, which obtained the court documents, Target National Bank claimed Kim had “failed, neglected and refused” to cover the amount owed to the bank. The documents stated that the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened the credit card back in 2007. Furthermore, the bank claimed the Don’t Be Tardy alum last made a payment on Sept. 17, 2022 in the amount of $500. According to the outlet, citing court documents, TD Bank took over the delinquent account and was trying to collect the debt. Page Six noted that Kim’s reps declined a request for comment on the lawsuit.

    July 2, 2023 – Kim and Kroy Go to Church


    Just days before the Fourth of July, Kim and Kroy were spotted together for one of the first times since filing for divorce. 

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and former Atlanta Falcons player took their children to a church service in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday. Kim wore high-waisted trousers and a white blouse, while Kroy sported black jeans and a white button-up shirt. Their four children were with them, and the family went to a local bakery together afterward.

    July 7, 2023 – Kim and Kroy Dismiss Divorce

    Two months after filing for divorce, Kim filed paperwork to dismiss her divorce petition, court docs obtained by ET show. “Yes, parties are dismissing divorce action and reconciling,” Kroy’s lawyer, Marlys Bergstrom, told ET.

    July 11, 2023 – Kim and Kroy Get Sued

    News broke on July 11 that the pair are being sued after allegedly defaulting on a $300,000 home equity credit line taken out for their house in Alpharetta. According to court documents obtained by ET, Landmark Community Bank is suing the couple, and claims that they owe a grand total of $217,443.32, and have failed to maintain their monthly payments on the loan.

    The couple allegedly agreed to pay $1,132.46 per month until their target payoff date in January 2038. According to the lawsuit, the couple allegedly defaulted on the loan when they stopped making monthly payments as agreed upon. The lawsuit claims that the last payment was made in December 2022.

    The bank subsequently “terminated the Line of Credit” back in May, and attempts to contact the couple regarding the loan and outstanding amount due were allegedly ignored or rejected.

    Aug. 24, 2023 — Kroy Calls It Quits Once More

    ET confirmed that Kroy filed for divorce from Kim yet again on Thursday, Aug. 24, after the pair previously dismissed their earlier divorce filings.

    A source told ET that Kim and Kroy “have been fighting nonstop” since deciding to give things another go, and that “the relationship has become really toxic.”

    Another source told ET shortly after the couple first dismissed their divorce petitions, “Kim and Kroy are back together but have a lot of work to do on their marriage. The couple’s public split had them each making negative claims about the other, and it’s been tough for them to deal with that.”

    It appears that the challenges of reconciling were too much to overcome — at least for Kroy. According to court documents obtained by ET, Kroy states that their marriage is “irretrievably broken,” and he is seeking sole custody of their four children.

    ET has reached out to lawyers and reps for both Kroy and Kim for comment.

    Aug. 31, 2023 — Kroy Requests to Sell Their Mansion

    In a court document obtained by ET, the former NFL pro requests an emergency hearing to get permission to put their $3 million house in Alpharetta, Georgia, on the market. 

    It is Kroy’s hope that if he can sell the house, the money can help to alleviate some of the “significant debt” he and Kim have accrued over the course of their marriage. 

    ET has been told that Kim and Kroy mutually agreed to sell their residence.

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