’90 Day Fiancé’: Brandan and Mary’s Wedding Gets Swarmed by Bugs

    ’90 Day Fiancé’: Brandan and Mary’s Wedding Gets Swarmed by Bugs

    Brandan and Mary tied the knot on Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but the wedding didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. Their wedding reception was swarmed by insects, creating a concerning situation.

    Brandan and Mary’s relationship has been rocky since he moved to the Philippines to be with her, mainly due to extreme jealousy between the two and also Mary’s complaint that Brandan just wants to play video games instead of focusing on more adult responsibilities. The two were also dealing with financial issues as Brandan couldn’t legally work in the Philippines, which especially isn’t ideal given that Mary is now pregnant. Mary had her doubts about marrying Brandan all the way up until the night before the wedding since the two got into a big fight.

    “I don’t have this feeling that I’m excited or whatever that brides feel on a wedding day,” she admitted to cameras. “I don’t know what to do. I have mixed emotions.”

    “Even though Brandan’s mom really helped me to understand how much I loved him, I feel like I’m not ready to marry him because he still didn’t reassure me that I can trust him to be man enough to be a father and my future husband,” she added. “And my lolo [grandfather] can’t attend the wedding because he’s working and it just feels weird today. I’m worried that it is a bad sign.”

    Meanwhile, Brandan’s mom did have a talk with him about Mary’s concerns and said he needed to be more involved with the financial issues so she doesn’t feel all the pressure to handle it all. Brandan acknowledged he “wasn’t doing enough” and his mom told him to “man up.” Brandan took the criticism in a positive light.

    “My mom has never been supportive of my relationship with Mary until now,” he said. “She believes that we truly love each other. She believes that we can work on ourselves and be really happy. It means a lot to me, it really does.”

    “When I met Mary, everyone was thinking, ‘Oh no, this is not good.’ But me and Mary have struggled through and persevered,” he continued. “We were on the phone for like two and a half years. I’ve moved across the world, had a lot of ups and downs, and now not only am I getting married to Mary, but we have a child on the way. I’m not going to miss this opportunity to step up, show her that I can do it. I’m the man that she deserves.”

    Later, Mary did agree to marry Brandan.

    “I wish that me and Brandan talked and he reassured me, but right now I decide not to think about the fights that we have. Instead, I think about being happy with him,” Mary said. “Like how when he hugs me I feel butterfly in my stomach and I know that our love is real. So, I’m going to marry him.”

    Brandan marveled at how lucky he was to have Mary as his wife.

    “She’s got this beautiful dress on, makeup done, hair done,” he said. “I’m just like wow, like, this is such a beautiful woman right here. Am I really getting married to her? Like, you could pinch me, like, I need to know that this is really happening.”

    After a beautiful ceremony, Mary noted, “I feel so happy because here in the Philippines there’s no divorce and he doesn’t have a way to leave me.”

    Brandan replied, “I would never leave you for anything in this world.”

    Brandan’s mom emotionally told cameras that her opinion of Mary changed after her trip to the Philippines to visit and that she was now fully in support of their marriage. But Mary and Brandan’s fairytale wedding became somewhat of a nightmare after getting swarmed by thousands of bugs. The couple as well as their guests began frantically waving away the insects.

    “I’m looking over and there’s like this fog rolling in,” Brandan said. “And I realized that’s not a fog. That’s a lot of bugs. Everyone’s freaking out over the bugs. It’s getting worse. It’s not getting better. This is insane.”

    In a preview of next week’s episode, Brandan shares, “We got swarmed by millions of bugs. My mom is having, like, a panic attack. This is getting worse and worse and worse.”


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