Vitalik wallet sends 400 ETH worth $600K to Coinbase

Vitalik wallet sends 400 ETH worth 0K to Coinbase

Blockchain sleuths have flagged several Ether (ETH) transactions from a wallet associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in September 2023, totaling over $3.9 million.

Separate blockchain monitoring profiles shared details of a 400 ETH transaction, worth an estimated $632,000, from Vitalik’s wallet to Coinbase on Sept. 25.

According to Spot On Chain, Buterin’s most recent transaction is the latest in a spate of ETH deposits to centralized exchanges over the past 10 days. The blockchain analytics platform estimates Buterin has deposited an estimated 2,421 ETH valued at $3.94 million from Sept. 15 onwards.

The platform outlined deposits amounting to 321 ETH worth $527,000 deposited to Kraken between Sept. 15 and Sept. 19. Buterin also reportedly deposited a total of 1,700 ETH ($1.95 million) to Bitstamp in a number of transactions on Sept. 17 and Sept. 20, while 500 ETH was deposited to Paxos on Sept. 19.

Cointelegraph has independently verified several of these transactions using access to Nansen 2 beta’s wallet profiler. Blockchain data also highlights a transfer of 2,000 ETH ($4.9 million) to the address that has been carrying out these transactions from another wallet long associated with the Ethereum co-founder.

Nansen 2 wallet profiler highlighting a 3,000 ETH transaction between wallets associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Source: Nansen

According to Spot On Chain, the source of the 2,000 ETH transaction is a “better-known address” (0xD04daa65144b97F147fbc9a9B45E741dF0A28fd7) belonging to Buterin than the middle address (0x5567A4bE2D5b77F5Fd870f99Ed9167Feab8831B1) that has been transferring funds to exchanges.

Cointelegraph previously reported a $1 million, 600 ETH transaction from the vitalik.eth address on Aug. 21 that was also identified by on-chain monitoring platforms. 

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