Twitter Blue Expands Tweet Character Limit

Twitter Blue Expands Tweet Character Limit

Twitter Blue subscribers can now tweet with up to 4,000 characters, avoiding multi-tweet threads, which have taken over the social network due to their limitations.

The Chief Twit, Elon Musk, has long promised to bring character expansion to the platform. For someone who uses Twitter sparingly to share what is on his mind, he knows the frustration of users. And that day has finally come.

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Twitter Blue Expands Tweet Character Limit

The US users of Twitter Blue can now get their hands on the newly expanded character limit for tweets, as per a report by Engadget.

While non-paying Twitter folks could only post tweets with up to 280 characters, Blue subscribers can now share their thoughts in a 4,000 characters long post.

With that, Musk just gave users of the social media giant a new reason to subscribe to its paid service. So if the blue checkmark verification failed to impress you, this might be what you are waiting for.

The new character limit for paying users should let them avoid multi-tweet threads as long as they do not go beyond 4,000 characters.

But Here’s the Catch

However, it is worth noting that if you go beyond the usual 280 characters limit, some features on the platform stop working.

To be more precise, these longer tweets have yet to work with the drafts feature. So you may want to copy and paste it and save it elsewhere.

Besides the missing drafts option, it also skips on the schedule button. If you want to post it later on, you may do so manually. That is how it works for now.


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It remains to be seen if the social media giant plans on bringing these options to 4,000 character tweets soon enough. But in the meantime, these features are only exclusive to tweets that are not longer than 280 characters.

The Verge notes in its story that free users could still reply and retweet these longer tweets from Blue subscribers.

The news outlet notes that Musk previously teased the arrival of the expanded tweet character limits.

The billionaire entrepreneur also confirmed that other long-form features are on their way, such as formatting features, allowing users to change the font size or bold some text.

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How to Get Twitter Blue Subscription?


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Twitter Blue relaunched last year amid the change of leadership on the social network. When Musk took over, he included the much coveted blue checkmarks in the subscription service. It also comes with features like long video uploads and now longer tweet limits.

The Blue service starts at $8 a month or $11 for iOS and Android users, according to PC Mag.

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