Twitter Adds Stock Movement Insights to More Cashtags, Powered by eToro

Twitter Adds Stock Movement Insights to More Cashtags, Powered by eToro

Twitter’s improving its utility for stock watchers, via a new integration with eToro that will feed additional contextual data into Twitter cashtag listings.

As you can see in this example, now, when you tap through on most cashtags – a stock-aligned hashtag which uses the $ symbol instead of a # – a real-time display of stock movement will now be displayed, along with other alert info sourced from eToro’s system.

The stock movement display has been available for selected companies since December, but now, a lot more will be active for this element.

As explained by Twitter:

“Previously, users only saw live price charts for a select few financial assets when they searched using a $Cashtag symbol or clicked on a $Cashtag in a Tweet. But now, the list of $Cashtags that produce live price charts has been significantly expanded. You can also click through to the eToro platform to get more information about the asset and even invest if you choose to.

Which could be a significant update. Twitter says that it facilitates over 4.7 million $Cashtag searches every day, with its real-time feed helping to keep many market watchers informed of important news and updates that could influence their portfolio’s value.

And interestingly, Twitter also says that young investors are coming to rely on the platform for key updates.

“There were over 498 million Tweets about business and finance worldwide in the first 90 days of 2023, with 65% of these Tweets coming from users aged 18-34.”

That presents an opportunity for Twitter to capitalize on that interest, and with younger investors also linking into crypto and related trends (like NFTs), interest in stock trading is on the rise, which could be another avenue for Twitter to boost its appeal.

It’s not a game-changer by any means, but it’s another interesting addition, and could take Twitter a step closer to becoming Elon’s ‘everything app’.

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