Tia Mowry Sets the Record Straight About Her ‘Complicated’ Dating Life

    Tia Mowry Sets the Record Straight About Her ‘Complicated’ Dating Life

    Tia Mowry is making a few things clear about her new chapter! 

    On Saturday, The Game actress took to social media to deliver a message to anyone who may have any questions or concerns about her dating life. 

    “A word from ME since narratives are being made without my consent. Hear it here and ONLY here,” the Sister Sister star began her post.

    “Just because the dating life is complicated. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to something that no longer served me,” she wrote next to a picture of her posing for the camera. “That’s like implementing if I don’t book an audition or a part as an actor RIGHT AWAY I’m going to give up on my dreams. Please just stop. I ain’t that WEAK! Please move on because I have. Thank you NEXT.”

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    Mowry, 45, shared the same message on X (formally known as Twitter) where she further clarified her comments after a user suggested that she should focus on her life, and not comment on her ex-husband.

    “Boo boo I’m in Europe traveling the world. So it ain’t 6am. Also, you ain’t me either so I think it’s best to stop projecting your life onto mine.  Focus on YOU not me. Next 🙏🏽,” she wrote in response to the user. 

    Following another comment from the user, the actress reiterated that she solely shared the message to clear up any narratives surrounding her life.

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    “Also no one is creating narratives around you.  I don’t think you are famous last I checked. So you don’t have to speak your truth I do,” she wrote.

    Mowry and Cory Hardrict announced in October 2022 that they were ending their marriage after 14 years. They finalized their divorce six months later. Together, the pair share children, Cree, 12, and Cairo, 5.

    Since ending her marriage, Mowry has been publicly embracing the ups and downs of her latest chapter — and hilariously sharing her journey with her followers. 

    In August, the Family Reunion star poked fun at the prep and hard work that goes into getting ready for a date.

    “Fun Fact: I’ve never been on the dating scene my entire life 😬 So when I tell you I’m nervous and terrified of doing this whole dating thing, I mean it 😭Even though I’m in my 40’s, I feel so inexperienced! And while it would be easy to just throw in the towel and avoid the potential for awkwardness and hurt, I know God’s got me! So if you’re feeling apprehensive about new experiences, just know you got this, and we’re in this together!,” she wrote.

    In the clip, Mowry stands in front of the mirror and does a voice-over of the small talk sound. “So what do you do for work? Do you like it? Do you like it?” she asks before sticking her tongue out. “How many siblings do you have? Oh, you have a lot? You have a lot?” 

    As the clip ends, the actress zips up her makeup bag before huffing and puffing and walking out of the frame.



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