This Pet Stain & Odor Remover is an Amazon Favorite with 74,900+ 5-Star Reviews – E! Online

    This Pet Stain & Odor Remover is an Amazon Favorite with 74,900+ 5-Star Reviews – E! Online

    Wondering why so many pet owners on Amazon rate this cleaner highly? Check out the following reviews. 

    Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Stain & Odor Eliminator Reviews

    A shopper explained, “I have a worse cat pee problem than all of you combined and this was the only—the ONL—product that worked…I ordered a 32-ounce bottle hoping that the combination of enzymes and bacteria could make a difference. Let me tell you, IT DID. I thought the man versus cat pee war was lost, and I had almost given up hope. I used the entire 32 ounces, let it sit for three or four hours, blotted thoroughly and then vacuumed with our specialized pet accident vacuum cleaner that has claws on one of the heads to penetrate deep into the shallow carpet. The smell is about 90 percent gone. Thank you for making the only product that works.”

    Another said, “Shocked. I was in total disbelief that this product would work. I saw all the positive reviews and still was a skeptic. It worked and worked well. It got all the cat urine smell out, my wife came home from work and was again shocked that the house had that ‘New Home’ smell and the floors, the hard wood floors looked amazing. Couldn’t be more pleased.” 

    Someone shared, “I saw the great reviews on Amazon for this, and ordered it. I received it today. and holy cow. A second after spraying, EVERY SINGLE STAIN DISAPPEARED! EVEN OLD STAINS! I was walking around with a rag waiting to scrub out the stains, after the spray soaked in but couldn’t find one. This stuff is a miracle!” 

    A reviewer said, “Before we left for the night, we soaked three old rags in Rocco & Roxie and left them on the pee spot. The next morning, wow! Not only was the stain virtually gone, but there was NO urine smell. Rocco & Roxie has a pleasant smell to it, but it does not linger— just fresh. It was truly amazing. Highly recommend this product.” 

    A shopper wrote, “I never write reviews but I’m writing one for this amazing spray! I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same—that’s an awful lot to pay for a bottle of spray cleaner. I get it, but it’s worth every penny! I have two large dogs that have already been long potty trained however my niece accidentally shut them in one of the spare rooms while we were upstairs (bless her tiny heart) so they took it upon themselves to hate-pee all over the carpet in there! We didn’t know they had done it everywhere and only cleaned the two large spots up quickly, but then the stank set in. Desperate, and about to burn the house down and start over in a new city with a new identity, I started combing Amazon for a miracle. I found this product, read the reviews, and hit the ‘buy now’ button with all of my hope riding on Prime shipping and a spray bottle. I liberally sprayed the areas possessed by Satan and waited 10 minutes as the bottle instructed. Ten minutes passed and my bloodhound nose traveled down the hall with high hopes. I opened the door to the room and was hit in the face with…NOTHING! No odor, no stank.This stuff is a MIRACLE! I’m awaiting its letter to Hogwarts as I write this review, and I’m going to buy another bottle for SURE, you should too!” 

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