‘The Last of Us’ Bella Ramsey on Handling Fame and the Show’s Success

    ‘The Last of Us’ Bella Ramsey on Handling Fame and the Show’s Success

    Bella Ramsey says that despite the continued success of HBO’s The Last Of Us series, the fame she has seen from the show is “bizarre.”

    Ramsey, 20, who identifies as non-binary and uses any pronouns, spoke with ET from the carpet of the Gotham Awards where she represented the team behind the show.

    “It’s pretty weird, actually,” Ramsey said. “It was just like the best year of my life making this show with basically a group of people who became my friends.” 

    In July, Ramsey was nominated for an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Ellie in the HBO show. 

    “I just find it very bizarre,” Ramsey continued, adding that it’s been hard for her to deal with the increased stardom. 

    The Game of Thrones alum went on to also share that while a set is where she “thrives,” she is getting accustomed to her new lot which includes attending award shows and daily interactions with fans who recognize her. 

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    “I go outside and I get recognized like every time I go out now,” she said. “It’s kind of strange but I don’t think about it until it happens. I wouldn’t say I like it — it’s not awful. People are nice.” 

    Ramsey is currently gearing up to head back to set for season two of The Last Of Us, which is set to begin soon. In early November, HBO announced that the series is planning to begin production on its second season in early 2024, following some delays due to the respective WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

    The renewal of the video game adaptation series was announced on Jan. 27, 2023, two weeks after its series premiere became the streamer’s second-highest debut ever, behind Game of Thrones. In July, the show’s first season received 24 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series. 

    “It still feels surreal to me that it’s going to go again,” Ramsey told ET earlier this year, adding, “I don’t want to go into it [season two] comparing it to the experience of the first season.” 

    The beloved star said The Last of Us season 1 was “the best year of my life,” saying she’s been most appreciative of the fans who have supported her character’s LGBTQ identity (Ramsey herself identifies as non-binary, and uses any pronouns). 

    “I have, it’s like a gay army,” Ramsey said. “That feels nice to just have that army behind me.”

    Ramsey also added that she’s enjoyed hearing from fans of the The Last of Us video game. “I love gamers’ reactions to the show,” she said.

    “That’s the thing that feels the most validating, is when gamers who are so invested in the game say, ‘This is so good and it lives up to all my expectations.’ That is the reaction that feels really, really cool.” 



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