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The #1 Thing to Pack for a Trip | Cup of Jo

The #1 Thing to Pack for a Trip | Cup of Jo

susan Cernek packing list tips

My fashion friend Susan Cernek once shared a genius tip after her honeymoon: “Pack a red dress. Red always looks dramatic in photos, even if you’re lost, like I was here.” Since then, I’ve happily heeded her advice by popping something red into my suitcase. But this summer, I’d like to propose a twist…

Ciao Lucia pink dress

Pink! The color is big this summer, and pink, like red, looks gorgeous in snapshots. It’s also just cheerful and pretty to wear to garden dinners, stoop drinks, park hangs, and family vacations.

What do you think? Would (or do) you wear pink? Here are five lovely versions: gauze, tie-front, tunic, printed and maxi. (Or, if it’s easier, a shirt!)

P.S. My friend’s nail polish, and what’s your #1 travel tip?

(Top photo from Susan Cernek. Second photo by Ciao Lucia.)

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