Snapchat Announces New ‘Phantom House’ Activation for Halloween


With the Spooky Season hype rising, Snapchat has announced a new activation for Halloween, with “Phantom House”, an immersive Halloween experience.

Yeah, the preview doesn’t explain a lot, but essentially, Phantom House will be a weekly Snapchat video series, which users will be able to participate in via Snap’s various elements.

As explained by Snap:

Snap creators Tony Talks, Sofie Dossi, and Ezee will star in this new series as they race against the clock to escape the Phantom House. Snapchatters can tune-in to the weekly content series to watch the story unfold, participate in the adventure by helping the creators gather new clues and solve puzzles, and share what they’ve seen with friends through AR Lenses and AI-generated Dreams selfies inspired by the Phantom House.”

So you can also use Snap’s new AI-generated Dreams images in the process. Could be interesting.

What’s more, Snap says that brands can also tap into the surrounding discussion, by linking back to the Phantom House project.

“Brands can seamlessly integrate themselves into the Phantom House conversation with interactive AR experiences of their own, commercials placed within the show, and off-platform co-marketing. In fact, brands including Maybelline and Disney+ will be featured in our Phantom House out-of-home takeover at Advertising Week New York.”

On Monday the 16th of October, Snapchat will take its Phantom House to Advertising Week, with attendees able to “step inside a Phantom House experience”.

Snap says that 80% of its users are planning to use Snapchat during Halloween, and as such, reaching them with themed promotions could be a good way to maximize engagement and interest.

It’s an interesting project, though a lot will come down to how users are actually able to engage with the Phantom House via Snap’s options. If users buy in, and the interactive elements catch on, then it could offer valuable new brand awareness and reach opportunities.

Could be worth tuning in either way. The first episode of Snapchat’s Phantom House series goes live on Sunday October 8th at this link

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