‘Sister Wives’: Meri Breaks Down Over Kody’s ‘Insulting’ Suggestions

    ‘Sister Wives’: Meri Breaks Down Over Kody’s ‘Insulting’ Suggestions

    Meri Brown is starting to realize that she is nothing more than storage to her estranged husband, Kody Brown. On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri shares the news with Kody that she’s moving her clothing business to Utah, where the B&B she runs following the death of her mother is located. 

    As predicted, Kody seems completely unfazed by the announcement, wishing Meri well. 

    But as Kody shrugs off Robyn Brown‘s desperate attempts for him to give Meri hope, he tells the audience in a confessional interview, “Meri and I don’t have a marriage really… I think I see the writing on the wall. I’m literally waiting for her to catch up.” 

    Kody even goes so far as to say he “doesn’t need” the “pressure” from Robyn to make things work with Meri. 

    “I got one wife that I’ve got a great relationship with, and I’m afraid if I abandon these women that she’ll lose respect for me,” Kody admits of Robyn. 


    Meri is clearly upset by Kody’s response, saying, “I was really just kind of hoping that he would care a little bit more. There wasn’t anything specific that I wanted him to say or do. I just wanted him to have an air of caring and that just was not there… Conversations like this basically just tell me, ‘Go ahead, Meri, and just live your life on your own like you’ve been doing, because nothing else is going to change.'”

    But if you thought that was bad, it really only gets worse from there when Kody unveils his master plan to build a “barn-dominium” on Coyote Pass. 

    He describes the space as extra storage for cars and all of the items from the homes of his exes, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown. He then notes that he could build a loft in it and Meri could live there. 


    “So basically, he just wants to put me out there with all the stuff, the extra stuff that he doesn’t want to see, he doesn’t want to deal with,” Meri says. “He doesn’t have room for — the cars, the storage, the Meri.”

    She adds, “I get that he thinks he’s amazing and gracious and brilliant. It’s just insulting.” 

    Kody claims that he’s simply continuing Meri’s trajectory of living in denial over the state of their fractured marriage. 

    “I think the writing is on the wall. It’s been obvious to me. When I try to go into that discussion with Meri, I get so much resistance,” he says. “It’s not really fair to either of us. But as long as she wants to live in this denial, I guess I can live in it with her.” 


    An emotional Meri says of Kody, “I wish that he saw some value in me and he doesn’t. He wants to put me in the loft of his freaking barn-dominium, you know?” 

    Though the episodes were previously taped in 2022, Meri announced this past January that she and Kody had “permanently terminated” their marriage. Kody’s only remaining marriage is with Robyn. 

    New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 


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