Reader Idea: Would You Give a Signature Gift? | Cup of Jo

Reader Idea: Would You Give a Signature Gift? | Cup of Jo

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The CoJ community always delights and amazes me with its cool hobbies and cute babies and wise advice and funny stories.

So, when Amelia wrote, “Is it wild that the #1 thing on my holiday wishlist is to find one perfect thing that’s easy to wrap and that I can buy multiples of and give to everyone on my list?!” I remembered one of the best tips we’ve gotten from the CoJ hive mind. A couple years ago, M.E. wrote: “Because my family is massive, I am a fan of the signature holiday gift — one nice, small thing that works for everyone. This year, it’s beanie. Every single one of my nephews is getting one, and they’re all exactly the same, so nobody gets in a snit about who likes what color better.”

How brilliant is that? For beanies, I LOVE this $15 ribbed version that comes in six colors. They’re warm, comfy, useful, and everyone looks good in them. This $15 scarf would be a lovely crowdpleaser, too. The cherry red is my favorite — it’s always a classic pop of color wrapped above a coat.

For home cooks, Fly By Jing Chili Crisp is delicious on everything. If you’re from a family of movie geeks, here’s a book that makes everyone laugh. And for those who like games, Tenzi is so easy to learn (just one rule!) and electrifying to play.

Three other ideas from CoJ readers:

“I buy my sisters-in-law the same thing, and they open it at the same time on Christmas Day. One year, I filled a basket with ‘things I can’t live without,’ and it was such a hit that we made it a tradition. Some things I’ve given are face creams, comfy sweatshirts, and Costco shearling slippers.” — Jeanne

“My parents do a signature Hanukkah gift each year for my adult siblings and me. Last year, they gave us travel phone chargers and hid cash inside each gift!” — Jacqueline

“I did a signature gift the first year after college, when I was a broke single adult who still wanted to exchange presents. I went with monogrammed mugs from William Sonoma and got great delight from watching everyone open them and laugh as they realized each gift was the same. And those mugs? They’re still being used by everyone five years later.”

Thoughts? Would you choose a signature gift? What would it be? Says CoJ reader Sarah: “I feel like I’ve unlocked a life hack that saves me so much time and brain space.” Off to order some beanies… xoxo

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