Psst, Philosophy’s Bestselling Holiday Shower Gels Are 40% Off Right Now: Hurry Before They’re Gone – E! Online

    Psst, Philosophy’s Bestselling Holiday Shower Gels Are 40% Off Right Now: Hurry Before They’re Gone – E! Online

    “I love all philosophy products and this one is no exception. The smell is so warm and very very mapley. The smell lasted on my body for quite a while after my shower which I appreciate. Perfect for the winter time”

    “As a fragrance and scent lover, I am always looking for new scented body washes to use in my routine. Morning maple smells sweet and delicious while moisturizing your skin. It is a staple for sweet gourmand perfume lovers as the smell lingers on you after the shower. Love this product!!”

    “This body wash is so luxurious. Literally smells like cinnamon pancakes and syrup! Totally going to buy this every fall! Such a yummy comforting smell that lasts all day. The bottle goes a long way and the soap is very bubbly! Definitely excited to try other scents as well. Will be the new go to for fall though!”

    “I love the scent of the shower gel, after using it to shower in the morning I still smell the scent on me for couple of hours after. I also used it for my hair, It made my hair look alittle bit more shiny than usual which is great for me.”

    “The absolute best smelling shower gel there is. It’s not very strong and not over powering left my legs smooth after shaving it does not take much at all, lathers very well and packaging was very good. Impressed with the ingredients.”

    “This shower gel was so lovely! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I smelled it, but it was unlike any shower gel I’ve ever used! It smelled so good, produced the best bubbles and was all around a 10/10.”

    “This shower gel (shampoo and bubble bath in one!) Is amazing. It smells divine and im a huge maple fan to begin with. Its definitely a cozy smell for me and will be added to my favorites of philosophy. The lather on this is pretty dang great too! I dont need much at all, maybe less than a quarter size is good for me. The scent does last through the day for me and by night time its almost completely gone but still lingering on the skin. I feel VERY soft after using this as well. Compared to my other go to, this definitely wins for making me feel soft after a shower and well cleaned. If you are considering picking it up, I highly recommend!”

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