Paramount Plus Announce Price Hike for Subscribers Starting June 27

Paramount Plus Announce Price Hike for Subscribers Starting June 27

ICYMI, Paramount has officially announced the merger of its streaming platforms, Paramount Plus and Showtime. 

The news came after a series of changes within the company, including anticipated layoffs and new programming initiatives earlier this year. 

The CEO of Paramount first hinted at the merger back in late January, and now the plans are set to become a reality next month.

Paramount Plans Price Hike

With the merger, subscribers can expect a more comprehensive content library and a unified streaming experience. However, along with the merger, Paramount has also announced a price increase for its plans, which will go into effect on June 27.

Starting from that date, PhoneArena tells us that all of Paramount Plus’s plans will become more expensive. Even the ad-supported essential plan, which currently costs $4.99 monthly, will see a price hike to $5.99 monthly. 

The premium plan, which grants access to additional features and content, will witness a $2 increase from $9.99 to $11.99 per month. It is worth noting that premium plan subscribers will gain access to Showtime content as part of their subscription, justifying the price increase.

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The change will not significantly impact existing subscribers of Paramount Plus’s premium plan, currently priced at $11.99 per month and inclusive of Showtime access. 

However, what has changed is the discontinuation of the $9.99 plan, which provided ad-free Paramount Plus content but lacked Showtime access.

Paramount Plus has assured its users that the essential plan, although slightly more expensive, will still be available after the merger. However, it will no longer include Showtime content, and users opting for this plan can expect to encounter advertisements during their streaming sessions.

More Announcements from Paramount Plus

In addition to the merger, Paramount Plus has announced that the Showtime app will be discontinued. By the end of 2023, the Showtime channel will be rebranded as Paramount Plus with Showtime, further emphasizing the integration of the two platforms and consolidating their offerings under one unified brand.

This merger signifies a strategic move by Paramount to create a more comprehensive and competitive streaming service. By combining the strengths of Paramount Plus and Showtime, subscribers will have access to an extensive library of content across a wide range of genres. 

Furthermore, the merger’s price increase reflects the added value and expanded offerings that subscribers can expect from the unified service. However, some users might not appreciate this sudden price hike.

In Other News

In response to the widespread practice of password sharing among its subscribers, Netflix has made its campaign against shared accounts across multiple US households official. 

As part of this initiative, the streaming giant will begin charging users for every profile that does not belong to individuals residing in the same household.

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