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Splitgate 2 Leaps Out Of A New Portal Next Year

Splitgate’s combination of Halo-esque first-person shooter with Portal-inspired portal jumping mechanics made it quite the sensation when it launched in open beta in...

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Three Flirty Summer Looks | Cup of Jo

Back in March, when I was just getting back out there after my marriage ended, I shared two first-date outfits… Here they are. For...

What’s Something Popular You Just Don’t Get? | Cup of Jo

Last night, I went on a date that started off well. We met at a beautiful Brooklyn bar and ordered a great cheese...

A New Old Discovery | Cup of Jo

Of course I wasn’t exactly happy that my daughter had to have oral surgery… But last weekend, I flew out to Chicago to help...

Welcome To Your Cronehood | Cup of Jo

It’s hard to explain how different menopause is from what you’re picturing… Because when you’re 11 or 12, you learn about fertility as...

What Vocab Words Are You Into? | Cup of Jo

The other day, I learned a new-to-me word… I was lying in bed watching My Lady Jane, when one of the words hit me...


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