Meta: Ex-President Donald Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts Now Reinstated—No Posts Yet

Meta: Ex-President Donald Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts Now Reinstated—No Posts Yet

Meta officially brought the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, back on the internet after reinstating his Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier today.

This reinstatement took place two years after he first faced the social media bans against his name, leading him to create a blog site that was dubbed a social media platform.  

Meta Reinstates Ex-President Donald Trump on Facebook, Instagram

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NBC News reported that Meta is keeping to its word, and reinstating Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram, giving him access to his former accounts. 

However, this would not be like the last time he would have complete freedom on the platform, as there are specific “guardrails” that they are holding on to, especially after previous incidents. 

The report said that Andy Stone, policy communicator at Meta, confirmed this move by the company. 

There is still the updated policy and guidelines from Meta regarding public figures’ actions online, with a maximum sentence of up to two years ban, one of which Trump was the first to experience. 

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Donald Trump Completes Social Media Trio After 2 Years

The former president faced bans on social media since 2021, and this caused him to create his platforms, where one is a blog site, and the other, is Truth Social.

In 2022, Trump was given back his account on Twitter, which he did not immediately use. Most recently, he was given his Facebook and Instagram accounts back, returning on a full circle on the world’s largest platforms, with no posts yet on his Meta return. 

Donald Trump and His Internet Ban

Donald Trump was one controversial figure during his time as the President of the US until after it ended in 2021, causing a significant conflict in the country, especially what happened after. 

There were links to his previous tweets and posts that incited people to take arms and storm the US Capitol, which they did and are now considered one of the darkest moments in US election history. 

Because of this, social media platforms decided to restrict Trump from accessing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is essentially an internet ban as most happenings center on social media. 

Facebook claimed that Trump will be given 2 years instead of a permanent lifetime ban, with a review at the end of this timeline for his account reinstation. 

Twitter went the other way and held on to its decision firmly, placing the former leader without access to its platform. This is what the 45th POTUS fought in court, launching a lawsuit against Twitter and for its decision. 

When Musk stepped in, different notorious personalities and accounts were given another chance on Twitter, and the prolific businessman turned president was one of them. 

Now, it goes full circle as Trump already regains his internet freedom, with this recent reinstatement on Facebook and Meta, one that keeps a close eye on his next slip-up. 

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