Latest from Web3 gaming: Gaming Demo Day with Cointelegraph Accelerator, Animoca Brands, BGA, Metaera, Cipholio and Sandbox

Latest from Web3 gaming: Gaming Demo Day with Cointelegraph Accelerator, Animoca Brands, BGA, Metaera, Cipholio and Sandbox

Web3 gaming has become one of the hottest trends in the tech world, and not without a good reason. Using blockchain technology to give more control to gamers turned out to be a fascinating idea and catapulted Web3 gaming to the main stage of Web3 space.

Web3 gaming applies key principles of blockchain technology – including decentralization, true ownership and community – to video games. Blockchain has enabled the creation of concepts such as play-to-earn (P2E), nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and more to cater to the needs of true players who don’t want to escape exploitation by the Web2 monopoly.

The fast growth of Web3 gaming, however, makes it hard to track the most promising projects and chart the map of the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. To provide a reliable perspective on Web3 gaming, Cointelegraph Accelerator has partnered with Cipholio, Animoca Brands, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Metaera and Sandbox for the next Gaming Demo Day, slated for Oct. 12 at 2 pm UTC.

Gaming Demo Day: For investors, developers and gamers

By joining Gaming Demo Day, startups can introduce their projects and present their ideas to an engaged audience of interested parties eager to hear about new games, including investors. Developers can capitalize on the opportunity and leverage the event to gain exposure to potential investors actively seeking projects to support.

What’s more, investors attending Gaming Demo Day gain early access to promising projects, enabling them to identify and support projects with high potential. Investors get the chance to witness developers in action and research their potential clients. The “X factor” of the new projects introduced during the event can be measured through the audience’s live reaction. These opportunities combined provide direct feedback and ease the process of making investment decisions.

The Web3 startups scheduled to present their groundbreaking projects throughout the event are:


Challenge is a decentralized multi-chain tournament platform where gamers can compete against each other, host tournaments and earn rewards. The platform’s reward protocol ensures active participants receive a share of the tournament revenue. Challenge’s software development kit (SDK) facilitates the integration of both Web2 and Web3 games, enabling on-chain tournaments.

JR Studio

JR Studio is a platform designed to empower game creators with the tools they need to create, host, launch, manage and grow their games and communities. The platform serves as a gateway from traditional gaming into Web3 gaming by providing true ownership and effectively managing technical aspects like blockchain integration.


SuperSnappy is a cross-platform messaging app with a social network and a gaming portal that allows users to play games. The social network, which boasts 3D avatars, pets, spaces and NFTs, enables users to smoothly transition between games and create profiles featuring friends lists, feeds, achievements and digital assets.


Isotopic is a software distribution service that utilizes blockchain technology to advance the metaverse towards a sustainable Web2.5. The service also hosts the first decentralized cross-platform game store.

Worlds Beyond

Worlds Beyond is a creator platform that lets creators craft immersive virtual experiences fueled by the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The platform aims to become the definitive Web3 destination and aspires to be the Roblox of Web3 for grown-ups.

The Unfettered

The Unfettered is an AA-quality story-based Web3 action RPG game with elements from the soulslike genre. The team is dedicated to presenting an immersive adventure that provides true ownership to players using virtual assets.


MetaFight is a digital trading card game and social entertainment platform for fighting sports. The platform stands as the world’s premiere globally-licensed gamified platform for mixed martial arts, featuring collectibles of fighters.

Investors, gamers, and startups who want to witness exceptional projects, explore investment opportunities and build connections within the Web3 gaming industry’s key players in a single place can mark their calendars for Oct. 12 to be a part of the Gaming Demo Day.

Registrations are now open for investors who wish to secure their spots at this exclusive event. Attendees can guarantee their place in the event and become a part of the flourishing blockchain community by registering here. One of the startups attending the event will also receive a 12-month basic membership to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance after pitching their projects to frontrunning industry backers. Check out the registration page here.

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