Here’s Why So Many of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Ending Early – E! Online

    Here’s Why So Many of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Ending Early – E! Online

    All good things must come to an end—especially when it comes to TV.

    While it seems like there are some series that will outlive us all—what’s good, Grey’s Anatomy and Blue Bloods?—there’s a new trend in Hollywood: shows ending their runs early, tapping out after a few critically acclaimed seasons rather than stretching out their stories.

    Because, it may be better to burn out than fade away—just ask Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, who has expressed regret over not bringing the ABC mystery to a close sooner.  “It was such a ratings hit that it became clear to me instantly that all conversations about ending the show would be over,” he explained on Vulture‘s Into It podcast in August 2022. “ABC said, ‘Oh, we were thinking more like 10 seasons.’ The compromise ended up being six, but I personally wish that we could have done it in four. People don’t want things to end.”

    Now, however, the creators of shows like the Emmy-winning Succession, which just kicked off its fourth and final season March 24, Barry and Never Have I Ever are mapping out their end games at the beginning, meaning the goodbyes are going to feel premature for some fans. Just look at the response to Jason Sudeikis hinting that Ted Lasso‘s third season would be its last hurrah. But, like his beloved titular character once said, “Our goal is to go out like Willie Nelson—on a high!”

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