Have a Chill Weekend. | Cup of Jo

Have a Chill Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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What are you up to this weekend? Tonight we’re having friends over for pizza, and tomorrow is our neighborhood block party. Looking forward to playing musical chairs, drawing with sidewalk chalk and other old-school hijinks. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Tuna sandwiches with potato chips! Forgot how good these were. (NYTimes gift link)

The trailer for The Pigeon Tunnel, a spy movie. “It’s terribly difficult to recruit for a secret service. You’re looking for somebody who’s a bit bad, but at the same time, loyal. There’s a type.”

Cute skirt for work.

How to pronounce things hilariously. Cannot stop laughing.

Should we all take a field trip to five Icelandic hot springs? (NYTimes gift link)

Oooh, I want to pore over these beautiful interiors.

The movie Bottoms looks compelling/wacky/fun, and the actors did lots of amazing improvising. Ayo Edebiri adlibbed this hilarious speech about how she’ll have to stay closeted for her whole life.

Has anyone tried eyebrow stamps? I’m intrigued.


Plus, two reader comments:

Says Jessica on what TV character do you secretly feel like you’re friends with: “Personally, I feel like I would fit in so well with the Only Murders in the Building gang of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. I, too, like true crime and cozy sweaters! I can be wacky but lovable!”

Says Nora on four fun things: “I lost one of my best friends a decade ago, and every September around the anniversary of his passing I have the same dream: I’m in the subway (a stop that only exists in my dreams) and a raucous parade comes through. Someone passes me a cute baby and I know I am supposed to take care of it. We board the train, which takes us out to Rockaway Beach. We walk up into an apartment and I know I am supposed to go to the window, where I look out at the ocean and realize I am holding my friend as a baby. The first time I had this dream I woke up in tears, but now I look forward to it.”

(Photo by Helene Cyr/Stocksy.)

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