Have a Beautiful Weekend. | Cup of Jo

Have a Beautiful Weekend. | Cup of Jo

wildflowers in spain

What are you up to this weekend? We are heading to England to see our family. Can’t wait for loud seagulls and fried fish and chubby toddlers! Hope you have a good one — take gentle care of yourself — and here are a few links from around the web…

Rotating sandwiches.

I’ve been spotting this kind of skirt all over Brooklyn.

What a fun photo essay of people who dressed up to see the Barbie movie. (NYTimes gift link)

A glass of water for your face? Yes, please.

Summer reading for kids but make it cute. (LOTS of great tips here.)

Have you seen the tennis documentary series Break Point? I got immediately sucked in.

A London apartment with animal wallpaper.

Always love Kottke’s media diets. (And extra love that this one featured antidepressants.)

This headline made me laugh.

Maybe I’m watching too much Dirty Dancing, but doesn’t this model look like Baby?

Cacio e pepe fried eggs sound delicious.

Swirl notecards.

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Anonymous on a bakery proposal story: “As a mom, I think there’s a unique feeling seeing my favorite sitters get older and grow from young to middle adulthood. It’s a mix of maternal (pride, nostalgia, love, etc.) and best friend (excitement, giddiness) feelings. I want to send them a thousand years of happiness and peace, and also comfort because as we age we understand that no life is without heartache and disappointment. I hope they know they helped make those times more bearable and buoyed me when I was a parent with young children. They’re deeply appreciated.”

Says Seja on what’s a compliment you’ve received: “My 84-year-old dad suffers from dementia. Once a week, I pick him up and we go for a walk around the track at the local YMCA. Even though he’s having more moments of forgetfulness, he had yet to not know who I was. Today was our weekly walk, and all was well. Then as we rounded a corner of the track, he turned and looked at me and said, ‘You remind me so much of my daughter, Seja. Do you know her?’ I said, ‘Dad, it’s me, Seja.’ And he laughed and said, ‘Oh, you kidder. If you don’t know her, can I tell you about her? She is so wonderful. She is the most loving person. She takes such good care of my wife and me, and she is just so full of life. She is one of my favorite people I’ve ever known.’ I said with teary eyes, ‘She sounds wonderful. I hope I get to meet her one day.’”

Says Rebecca on what’s a compliment you’ve received: “I work with kids, and a particularly rambunctious eight-year-old boy who struggled to connect with people told me, ‘You’re like my journal.’”

Says Tiff on what’s a compliment you’ve received: “A student told me, ‘You teach history like it’s gossip, and I just want to know more.’”

(Photo by Marilar Irastorza/Stocksy. Sandwiches via Kottke.)

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