Google to Delete Inactive Accounts: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google to Delete Inactive Accounts: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google will delete idle accounts for two years to safeguard user data and enhance security. 

While the process of removing accounts is slated to begin on Dec. 1, Google has begun the preliminary step by notifying account holders. Users have an eight-month window during this transitioning time to take action and save their accounts from being lost, according to CNN.

This strategy, which Google first announced in May, addresses possible security vulnerabilities connected to inactive accounts. According to internal analyses, older accounts are more likely to use antiquated security methods, such as repeated passwords, rendering them vulnerable to dangers like phishing, hacking, and spam.

Which Google Accounts Will Be Deleted?

According to Google’s earlier statement, the accounts that would first be deleted are those that users established but later abandoned.

Google stressed its commitment to protecting user information and preventing unwanted access while outlining the thinking behind this security-focused upgrade. This most recent policy emphasizes the company’s commitment to maintaining customer data security even when the services are no longer used.

The internet giant has, however, listed a few exclusions from this new rule. Accounts linked to active YouTube channels, those with gift card balances, those that have enabled purchases of digital goods like books or movies, and accounts linked to published apps available in stores like the Google Play Store will not be deleted.

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This policy modification represents a significant departure from Google’s prior strategy. Google adopted policies to delete material from dormant accounts in 2020 while keeping the accounts themselves.

Users merely need to check in to their Google accounts or any other Google service at least once every two years to prevent their accounts from being deleted. This simple operation will preserve access and security by preventing the deletion of accounts and related data.

Upholding Cybersecurity

This action fits with Google’s continued dedication to user security, but it has also raised discussions about the fine line between maintaining internet history and security precautions, per a Vice article. This new regulation highlights the changing reality of digital preservation, much like earlier situations when security improvements affected access to certain devices and types of information.

Google also has added the ability to use passkeys as an alternative to conventional passwords in a parallel attempt to increase security. Passkeys, which provide increased security and phishing resistance, may be used to access accounts via screen lock PINs, face scans, or fingerprint or fingerprint recognition, per CBS News. 

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