Do or Don’t: Sheer Shoes | Cup of Jo

Do or Don’t: Sheer Shoes | Cup of Jo

So, here’s the strange thing about trends…

“Trends are funny,” a reader named Hali wrote on five fun things. “The slouchy bag thing is a hard pass for me — they remind me of weird ’90s shopping malls. But watch: in three months, they’ll wiggle their way into various carts I’ve compiled across the Internet until one finally makes it to my doorstep and I’ll be so pleased. Why does that happen?! I’m asking it not to happen! Someone hold me accountable to my own taste!”

Her comment made me laugh. I sometimes feel the same, do you? (Think: Birkenstocks, jellies, even skinny jeans…)

A recent case in point: At first, I didn’t love sheer shoes. Something felt weird about seeing someone’s toes through mesh. But recently I’ve been spotting more and more around town, and I’ve started… changing my mind? Do I like them now?? Could I even love them?!

Here are five pretty (!) ones: white, pink, blue, sparkle, black.

What about you? Are there styles you’ve changed your mind about? And, to ground myself, here are clothes I’ve always liked, from the very start: blue shirts, white shorts, and red nail polish. Whew.

P.S. More do or don’ts, another type of shoe I see everywhere, and women share their weeks of outfits.

(Top photo from Loeffler Randall, bottom photo from Jessie Randall.)

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