Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes Get Married

    Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes Get Married

    Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are officially married! 

    The Bachelor in Paradise season 6 alums have tied the knot, four years after they left the beach together back in 2019. According to People, the couple paid homage to Dean’s roots and got married at a private mountain retreat in Meredith, Colorado.

    Camp Bell was the theme of the couple’s nuptials and also honored to their love of summer camp, and Dean’s late mother, Debbie Bell, who died when he was a teen. Per the site, the couple plan to change their last names to Bell. 

    The bride walked down the aisle in a gown by NWLA. Later in the evening, she changed into a dress by Katherine Tash. Dean looked dapper in a black tux. The ceremony was officiated by Dean’s best friend Jackson.

    Cealynn and Dean had 75 guests in attendance for the occasion. Dean walked into the ceremony to “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” while the bride arrived to “Kiss Me” by Sixpence. 

    “We both love the [Colorado] area and it made it even more special,” Cealynn told People about making the ceremony special for everyone involved. “We also wanted a way for everyone to be together all weekend versus just for a night or two. When we toured this venue we immediately knew it was the one. Everyone has their own cabin and is staying on property.”

    Wedding bells rang for the reality TV pair less than a year after they both took turns proposing in 2022, Unglert first last October followed by Miller-Keyes two months later. 

    “Under promise. over deliver. 😈 10.24.22,” Unglert captioned a series of photos from his beach proposal in Hawaii. As for his new wife, she asked him the big question seemingly during a horseback riding outing.

    “According to Dean we’re now officially engaged! A while ago we agreed we would both propose to each other. I had a lot of ideas on how I would do it, but after dean had me conquer my fear of heights before his proposal, I thought it would be fitting for him to conquer his only fear, horses,” Miller-Keyes later explained in an Instagram post. “I can’t wait for a lifetime of pushing each other out of our comfort zones.”

    While their long-awaited nuptials have finally arrived, the two expressed their commitment to each other years ago by wearing rings, which spurred fans to wonder if they were already wed. 

    “In my opinion, I don’t need the title of husband to show the world that I’m committed to one person,” Unglert said on an episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!  in 2020. “So the fact that I’m wearing the ring is showing just that — is that I’m committed to Caelynn and only Caelynn. And that’s why I’ve worn it.” 

    “I’ve been wearing it probably for the past six or so months. She wears her, like, fun little ring as well,” Unglert added, noting they were not wedding or engagement rings. “It’s our way of telling the world or the people that we’re around that we’re committed to each other.” 

    Still, by the way Miller-Keyes talked about her man from the start, it was clear — ring or not — that she was in love. 

    “He has the biggest heart out of everyone I’ve ever met,” she gushed to ET in 2019. “He loves everyone he meets and just makes everyone feel so special and so loved, and he makes me feel that way, and what more can you ask for?”



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